Al Reuters promotes the 'liberating hijab' in Beijing

I guess with a face like this the burka is a blessing…

Veiled athletes challenge “stereotypes” in Beijing

* There is no end to this stupidity. Everyday there is an endless supply of this indigestible Islamo-prop shoved in your face by dimwitted Western reporters who somehow believe they are doing the ‘culturally sensitive’ thing by twisting the Muhammedan misogyny into some kind of fashion statement.

By Catherine Bremer

BEIJING (Reuters) – The women in Roqaya Al Ghasara’s home town in Bahrain are so proud of their pioneering Olympic sprinter that some of them got together to design and sew a set of tailor-made aerodynamic veils for her to run in.

Egyptian fencer Shaimaa El Gammal, a third-timer at the Olympics, will don Islamic headgear in Beijing for the first time. She says it is a sign she is come of age and she feels more empowered than ever.

This year’s Games will see a sizable sprinkling of veiled athletes who are determined to avoid offending devout Muslims back home while showing skimpily dressed rivals there is nothing constricting about wearing “hijab”.

Two of them, Bahrain’s Al Ghasara and veiled Iranian rower Homa Hosseini, won the honor of being flag bearers for their countries at the opening ceremony’s parade of athletes.

“The hijab has never been a problem for me. In Bahrain you grow up with it,” said Al Ghasara, wearing a white baseball cap over a black veil that covers her hair and neck. Her baggy running gear exposes only her face and hands.

“There are more women in sport all the time from countries like Qatar and Kuwait. You can choose to wear the hijab or not. For me it’s liberating,” added Al Ghasara, whose close-fitting running veils come in red or white, the Bahraini colors.

Since they first started appearing a few decades ago, veils at theOlympics have always drawn stares.

This year an unprecedented half a dozen Egyptian athletes, three Iranians, an Afghan and a Yemeni will compete with covered heads like Al Ghasara. They say they want to inspire other women in their countries to break away from Muslim stereotypes.


“People see us wearing the scarf and think we ride camels. But Muslim women can do anything they want,” said El Gammal, a bubbly 28-year-old whose sister will compete in the same event, also wearing Islamic headgear.

“When I fence I’m proud that I’m a Muslim. It’s very symbolic for women in my country,” El Gammal told Reuters.

Beijing’s athletes’ village has laid on halal food for the hundreds of Muslims staying there, but it only has a mosque for men, despite scores of Muslim women, mostly bare-headed, from countries such as Tunisia, Iran and Pakistan.

While Saudi Arabia and Brunei do not allow women to formally practice sport, the Gulf nations of United Arab Emirates and Oman have sent women athletes to the 2008 Olympics for the first time.

Iranian women still battle restrictions but three, in headscarves, will compete in rowing, taekwondo and archery. Afghanistan, where the burka used to be compulsory under Taliban rule, has veiled sprinter Robina Muqimyar running the 100 meters.

Al Ghasara, 25, was the first Bahrain-born athlete to strike gold on the international circuit and won the first female medal at the West Asian Games when it opened up to women in 2005.

With a volley of wins, she broke down barriers to women in sport in Bahrain, where many still wear head-to-toe hijab.

At the Olympics, she hopes to help quash the perception among many in the West that the veil is akin to repression.

* She won’t. We know what the veil is. You can’t make chicken-salad with chickenshit… and no matter how much lipstick you put on this pig, its still a pig…

“We have women who are ambassadors, doctors, pilots,” said the runner, who prays daily in her athletes’ village bedroom but has a weakness for red nail varnish and shopping.

“I haven’t been criticized at home, and at the Olympics race or religion is irrelevant, we’re all just here to do sport.”

* No you’re not, you lying f*kc! You are there to push the Islamic agenda, nothing else. Otherwise you wouldn’t make such a fuzz about your ridiculous hijabbery!

(Editing by Alex Richardson)

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  1. >>”I guess with a face like this the burka is a blessing…”

    Joe>> In her case, we would be liberated from looking at her!

  2. >>”While Saudi Arabia and Brunei do not allow women to formally practice sport”

    Joe>> They don’t allow them to practice sport to liberate them? That must be it.

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  5. They say they want to inspire other women in their countries to break away from Muslim stereotypes. <–“Yo..SO LET’S WEAR A HEADSCARF!

    Idiot muzzies crack me up.

  6. Yet more BS – if she truly believed that race and religion did not matter at the Olympics then she would refer to herself as a Bahraini – not a muslim.
    Mohamad & Ali:
    I am a western woman. I own my own house and make my own decisions about my life. If that makes you freak out, too bad.
    Why is the standard insult coming from muslim men to verbally abuse and threaten women. This is your way of trying to humiliate our men. Our men are made of sterner stuff than that and I’m sure You seem to be so insecure where women are concerned. I’ve seen awful threats to rape peoples’ mothers and sisters which is disgusting.
    Now go away

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  8. These assholes really need to start fearing western women. The men can talk all the politics they want, us chicks will walk the walk though.

  9. I guess with a face like this the burka is a blessing…

    Thanks extra funny shit right there folks. I don’t care who ya are.

  10. The events in libya bring to light how corrupt any and all current government bodies can be. And it really is a shame. We entrust these leaders with our trust that they will do what is right for the people that put them in the position of power and they abuse it, often times rather blatantly. I applaud the libyan people for standing up for themselves. it is my hope that the people will be heard & that the current government will do the right thing. But I also hope that whatever leadership takes control will be one that truly will work on behalf of the people.

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