Boris gives Ramadan the finger

Boris cancels Ramadan

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Ken Livingstone has told his Leftwing supporters in City Hall to hang on in there, however unpleasant it may be working for a Tory Mayor such as Boris Johnson, because he intends to be back in 2012. Among those who probably will not be able to survive the regime change at City Hall is the Lokahi Foundation, an outfit with extremist Islamist links that boasts academic Tariq Ramadan as a leading light.

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Almost half a million pounds of council taxpayers’ money was handed over to its coffers under Ken. “The funding agreement ran out in July 2008 and I understand that all payments have been made,” says a City Hall spokesman.

Ramadan, Lokahi’s “Senior Research Fellow”, sparked controversy in the mayoral elections by signing a letter urging Muslims to vote for Livingstone without declaring the £450,000 his organisation had been paid by the then Mayor.

He has been denied entry to the United States in the past because of allegations concerning his terrorist sympathies. “Our funding has run out from the Greater London Authority,” Lokahi’s director, Gwen Griffith-Dickson, tells me.

“There might be a problem about Tariq Ramadan’s personal letter urging people to vote for Ken Livingstone and the tug of war over some of his comments but he is one of a team.”

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  1. That’s the spirit Kenny-being voted out of office will never keep you from wanting to “serve the people’, right?

    Another lifelong political hack seeking to pander to the worst possible elements of society-much to that society’s detriment.

  2. my last post should read “of Londoners”. not “on Londoners” – apologies – blame fatigue!!!.


    I could write posts in 3 or 4 languages but nobody would understand. Try to post in English –
    The translation is

    “Detestable individual who has nothing to do with politics”

    I am going to presume that this is a Muslim upset about the fact that their little home boy has been kicked out by the Londoners. Get it muslim thug – Livingston, generally despised the the London majority was thrown out and one of the reasons was because he gave significant and often unaccounted aid to muslim thugs. So this little piece of poor French is then referring to Boris Johnson. If so then get used to it Izan – It is going to be happening a lot more in Europe

    Nous en avons assez de vous!.
    Wir haben genug von euch, Sie sollen zu Ihrem Herkunftsland zurucktreten!
    Si prega di inviare al tuo paese d’origine.
    الرجاء العودة الى بلدكم الاصل

    approx translation – we had had enough of you + go back to your country of origin (not in all languages – why bother – if the fool doesnt get the hint there is no point in repeating the message).

  3. Izan

    Data anaysis estimates an 55% prob. that you are muslim, so I will assume this. If you are not then my apologies.

    As I said – Livingston was thrown out – not only because he was useless but mosstly because of his support of Muslim unwillingness to integrate. . And as I said, this will be happening more often in Europe – the signs are now there that the poiticians who have unthinkingly been allowing people who refuse to integrate into our social systems (ie a significant minority of muslims) are being shown the door. Do you people really think that we will allow a backard Saudi Arabian/Arab philosopy to dominate in our countries?? Most people here are against muslims because a very significant minority make the news on a daily basis with acts of violence and criminal disdane of others. No one is conrcerned about Hindus , or Buddhists or other religions because none of them represent the danger to an open and free society that Islam does. Your religion has had over 800 years of forced social repression and stagnation and the acts of muslims on a daily basis are the best possible advertisement of racists and violent people from the extreme right – you are your own worst enemies. Ken was, and remains, an idiot who IS detested by the vast majority of Londoners. We are now aware of some unaccountability by the fool in terms of funds geneously given to very questionable muslim groups. Don’t worry, just as you use the internet so do we – we developed it after all! And we watch muslims very carefully. Say hello to your Algerian muslim terrorist friends – no doubt they have just murdered another villager.

    BTW Borris might be a bit of a twit but at least he wont drop the soap in a shower to let another muslim in!
    And, with assistance, he will do a good job as well as stand up for the average Londoner which Ken ibn Livingstone ibn Lobotomy didnt.

  4. kAW,
    vous indiquez que je suis musulman, qui vous a dit cela? je suis athé!!( non croyant) de France, et je pense Boris un extrême droite bête, raciste et incompétent.
    Vous mettez tous les musulmans dans le même sac, j’ai pour ma part des amis musulmans hommes et femmes de paix, il ne faut pas tout mélanger.
    Vous avez raison ( i am agree wuth you) pour l’idiot utile Ken qui distribue l’argent aux islamistes, mais les islamistes représentent une minorité de musulmans radicaux.
    Donc, je ne crois pas en dieu, mais je respecte tous les gens,de n’importe quelle religion si ils sont des gens de pais et d’intelligence pacifique. Je n’aime pas le raciste intolérant.
    Merci à vous.

  5. IZAN:
    I’m afraid you’re another victim of the “big lie” circulated by the multikulturalists and one-worlders. In the hope that you can be redeemed, allow me to once again spell out the facts about islam:
    1) Every moslem must believe every word of the queeran; if he doesn’t he can’t
    BE a moslem, and, depending on which country he lives in, he is subject to
    persecution ranging from ostracism to decapitation.
    2) The queeran describes the kufr (non-moslems) as “apes and pigs,” “the worst
    beings in allah’s sight,” and orders the faithful to “hunt them down and kill
    them wherever ye find them” and to “smite off their fingers and behead
    3) The islamic doctrine of taqqiya orders all moslems to conceal the islamic goal
    of world dominitaion from the kufr, and to infiltrate and deceive target
    societies to further that end.
    The lefties will argue as follows: “there are good and bad people of every religion, and islam is no exception,” and, in part, they are right. Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Ba’hais etc., etc. all have a few bad apples who bring dishonor to their religions. None of them, however, has a game plan which involves subjecting the entire world to sharia law under a suffocating, totalitarian and misogynous caliphate, as does islam. Movements of this nature are not religions, but political ideologies like communism and fascism.
    Yes, there are two factions of islam; (but don’t be distacted by the in-house power struggles between shiites and sunnis). One faction, a small minority, believes in establishing the caliphate by the sword, here and now – hence the terrorists, suicide-bombers and perpetrators of civil disorder. The other faction is committed to prevailing by infiltrating and ultimately controlling the institutions of democrtic societies, and, more importantly, by outbreeding the kufr until its numbers exceed those of the indigenous population. (“We shall achieve victory through the wombs of our women.”) This faction is in conflict with the militants because they believe (correctly) that they are quietly winning the war unnoticed, and that the jihadists are drawing unwanted attention to their campaign. In other words, these two factions do not differ with regard to the goal, but only in the means of achieving it.
    Soooo…before you become too enchanted by your warm, cuddly, fun-loving islamic friends, I suggest you ask them a few hard questions based on the foregoing.
    Think about it.

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