Bunglawussi Watch

*  Once again the comical ‘Mister Bean’ lookalike Inayat Bunglawala  from the MCB  finds a forum in the British Guardian to do his da’awa:


“Social cohesion – excluding Muslims”

“I’m not surprised that the CfSC’s report generated inflammatory headlines about Muslims. Its director’s pronouncements seem anything but liberal”


* click here to learn how ‘liberal’ the Bungla is…

One thought on “Bunglawussi Watch”

  1. This wimp looks like a frustrated beta male with a little tallywacker who yearns for the day that Islam would become like yesteryear so he could skip over the tortuous humiliation of western women laughing at his face when he struggles to approach them, and instead just grab them by the hair and take them as wives. “Grunt, grunt. snort, snort. Oonga boonga.”

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