Do we really want 'refugees' like this in Australia?

Death by Mango

Andrew Bolt

It was sold as a death caused by wicked John Howard:

A Palestinian refugee, Akram al Masri, who was deported from Australia in 2002 has been killed in his homeland less than six months after Australian authorities refused him a visitor’s visa. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Mr al Masri who was deported by the Howard Government and denied sanctuary in Australia again this year, has been shot dead in Gaza, leaving behind a wife and four children.

Turns out it was a death caused by a mango – and a culture best kept out of Australia:

IT BEGAN with a mango three years ago. A member of Gaza’s powerful Masri clan had stopped to buy fruit at a roadside stall in 2005, but the vendor did not have enough small change to break his 20 shekel note – equal to $5. The Masri man pulled a gun and killed the vendor, who was a member of the Abu Taha clan.

By the end of last year, the ensuing feud had claimed the lives of 29 people – 10 from neither clan. Sixty had been wounded and homes and businesses on both sides had been torched.

“We want to kill one more to be equal,” a member of the Abu Taha clan told a researcher for International Crisis Group. But then the toll moved to 10 Abu Taha and 11 Masris dead – and the Masris vowed revenge. This is the feud that is thought to have claimed the life last week of Akram al-Masri, 31, who was denied refugee status in Australia in 2002 and then deported.

*  Here’s the spin the Sydney Moonbat herald puts on this story

*  Immigration to probe refugee’s death

*  “Not in my backyard”  Outrage over Mundine’s ‘Muslim retreat’


Fitzgerald: How Western governments should deal with Muslim immigrants

“Regarding the issue of the burgeoning rate of Muslim immigrants to Canada, Weinstein declares that, ‘some kind of form must be signed that prohibits entry into Canada of people that believe in the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. This would make it possible to conduct denaturalization and deportation proceedings.'” — from this article

What should be called for, reasonably, sensibly, is not only strict controls on admission of those who “believe in the Muslim Brotherhood ideology,” but even more, strict controls — that is, a prohibition — on allowing into Canada those who agree with the ideology of Islam, with all its supremacist aspirations. See, if you can stand it, the history of Islamic antisemitism in Andrew Bostom’s sourcebook The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. No doubt he, or someone else, will provide the two companion volumes that need to be written, one on the history of Islamic anti-Christian textual writings, and another on Islam and the treatment, under Islam, of the adherents, and the religious monuments, and the artifacts, of Hindus and Buddhists and others who never formally qualified, as Christians and Jews did, to be considered “People of the Book.”

Western governments should deal with those who consider themselves to be Muslims as if they know, and of course believe, in the texts and teachings of Islam. And those texts and teachings require from those who believe in them a literal belief in Qur’an, as glossed by the Sunna. It is not enough for some Muslims to insist that we Infidels should simply accept their assurances that their version of Islam is just swell, nothing to worry about. In the first place, there are the formal doctrines that justify, even mandate, lying about the nature of Islam, and about the particular Believer’s own beliefs, or version of that faith.

Though taqiyya (religiously-sanctioned dissimulation about these matters) originates in Shi’a Islam, as a way to protect Shi’a from persecution or murder by Sunnis, the same doctrine has Qur’anic justification (see Qur’an 3:28, and the relevant Muslim commentaries on that verse). And it has for a long time been practiced by Sunnis as well, though some — such as Tariq Ramadan — will when caught out indignantly insist otherwise. And of course “mental reservation” or kitman (that is, not saying everything you think, deliberately holding some things back) is a practice analogous to, and overlapping with, the taqiyya that the Sunnis practice and that did not originate with the Shi’a.

We also have the evidence, too much evidence, of Muslims who may, when they are suffering from entirely non-political problems or setbacks — of the kind universally acknowledged — or from depression or other states of temporary mental disarray, find their way back to Islam. That is, they find their way back to the full Islam. And that can only spell trouble, always and everywhere, for the innocent Infidels into whose lands those Muslims have been permitted to enter and to settle.

Is it the position of the government of Canada, or of other governments, that the survival of the nation is to be based upon a mere theory? That theory, so pious and so treacly and so sentimental and so much in keeping with the Spirit of the Age, the Age of False Tolerance, the Age of Diseased Sympathy, is that we must believe that Islam is just a “religion” (and not a Total Belief-System with a coherent politics and geopolitics). We must further believe that All Religions Mean The Same Thing. These theories must be held, must be defended at all costs, must be clung to, despite their being clearly contradicted by the evidence, the textual evidence of Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, and of the main Muslim writers on Islam over the past 1350 years, and by the main Western students of Islam during the heyday of free and untrammeled scholarship, before the Great Inhibition set in, several decades ago.

Is it on the basis, then, of an Article or Articles of Faith, that Jews — and then Christians, and Hindus, and others — are to have their lives made more unpleasant, expensive, and dangerous, because Western elites, political and media, cannot take the time, cannot be intrepid enough, to get beyond these hobbling and now dangerous pieties and see the meaning, and the menace, of Islam steadily and whole?

Here’s the original article from the Australian:

Gazan deportee killed by clan rivalry

*  Now we should take the whole tribe in:  “We hope the new Australian Government will show the family some mercy.”

FIVE years after he was deported from Australia, Akram al-Masri’s brutal death in the Gaza Strip, which his family deemed inevitable, came at the hands of a rival clan, not the political chaos from which he sought protection.

The 32-year-old Gazan was slain by a rival clan member on Friday, with another court case pending against the Howard government, which refused him asylum in 2003.

Mr al-Masri, an out-of-work policeman from the central Gaza city of Khan Younis, was shot in the head as he left a courthouse. His pregnant wife and four children are now relying on their extended family for support.

He had escaped an earlier attempt on his life, but this time he became the 14th victim of a seven-year clan war between Gaza’s two biggest families – the al-Masris and the Abu Taha – that started over a slapped face in a marketplace.

“He was never aligned to a political cause,” said Mr al-Masri’s brother Ghassan. “He was never a member of Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or any of the groups. If he was, the Israelis would have snatched him when he came back to Gaza,” he said.

“I can tell you also that he never had a problem from the Israelis, because if he did, there is no way they would have let him cross their land.”

The family’s admissions run counter to Mr al-Masri’s long-running claims in the Federal Court that he was persecuted in Gaza and that his life was at risk because of the political situation in the Strip.

“The problem with the Abu Taha family started before he went to Australia,” said Ghassan al-Masri. “He went there because he wanted a better life for his family and he spent quite a while there trying to make that happen. After 1 1/2 years, the judge said to either deport him or release him from the camp there.

“In the end, he chose to come home, despite knowing the risks he faced.”

Sitting in an empty ground-floor room, Mr al-Masri’s relatives offered none of the hospitality usually associated with funeral wakes in the Arab world.

“This is because his death is yet to be avenged,” said one of the dead man’s many uncles. “This is a tribal culture and revenge is a very real option.”

Despite being notionally ruled by Hamas, Gaza is still in the clutches of clan life and tribal law.

Retribution is inevitable for the al-Masri family, and many similar feuds continue across generations with seemingly no societal means to break them.

“We really regret that he was sent back to Gaza after he sought shelter with Australia,” said Ghassan al-Masri.

“We have no feelings of hate nor are we bitter, but we are very, very sad and fear for the future of his wife and four children.

“We hope the new Australian Government will show the family some mercy.”

* Australia doesn’t need any Muhammedan murder clans! Keep them out!


But don’t you know that if the “Do Goodies” like Marilyn Shepherd and Dr. Mary Crock had their way all illegal arrivals or illegal immigrants in Australia who claim refugee status should be granted a visa to remain permanently in Australia forthwith by the Department of Immigration simply because he/she made it to Australia illegally. You see according to them “illegal” arrival or stay in Australia on their own are indicative of the person’s desperation to get to Australia and is ipso facto a reason to grant refugee status. Otherwise “they would not have taken the risk.” Any further investigation by immigration authorities into whether they meet even the UN Treaty criteria for a Refugee or any action taken against such people restrict their movement pending the outcome of any investigation, designed to protect Australia’s borders and the integrity of the Immigration Program is simply a display of Australian racism and vindictiveness and sheer bloody mindedness by the Howard government. (That the Labor Party has and supports a similar policy is irrelevant for the purpose.) Thus when an application for refugee status or for permanent stay in Australia is rejected and the individual is deported, Australia has that person’s and his/her family’s future welfare on its conscience for the rest of his/her days. Regardless of what problems they face in their home countries it will always be Australia’s fault and responsibility. I mean, damn it, even if he dies in a car accident it will be our fault because of the chaotic conditions of the traffic in his country which he would not have had to face if he had been allowed to stay here. Worse still would be if they were to die of food poisoning: it will mean ASIO, the AFP or their CIA allies would have cause it!!!! to stop them from revealing too much about the “concentration camp and gulag” conditions inside the detention centres.

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Wed 06 Aug 08 (11:21am)

13 thoughts on “Do we really want 'refugees' like this in Australia?”

  1. That has got to be the dumbest story I ever heard. They have been going back and forth like this for THREE years??? WTF??? I am flabbergasted.

  2. More on the mentality of some followers of Mo

    Taken from Sky News re the murder of British 17 years old murdered and
    dismembered by Mohammed, the Brazilian muslim?

    “Detectives also suspect he acted in anger because he was unable to get Cara to marry him in order to get him a visa to live in Britain.”

  3. >>”Do we really want ‘refugees’ like this in Australia?

    Joe Grey>> Perhaps they should be called “refusees” instead, since they refuse to assimilate and refuse to leave barbarism.

  4. Now who wouldn’t want people like these coming over? Just look at the amazing lesson you get to learn firsthand in multiculturalism. My culture eats pasta while their culture kills over a mango. See? All cultures are equally good and praiseworthy!

  5. And what would happen when someone from the Masri clan meets up with someone from the Abu Taha clan here in Australia? Would they just shake hands and say hello? I don’t think so…..

  6. I should point out that these muslim loosers are quire likety to blame his death on Australians because his application for residency was not accepted. Given their perverted logic anything is possible.

  7. Forget the murderous attitudes of these people, that may fade in time. He was 32 years old, uneducated, not fit for anything but labour which he considers beneath him and already has 5 children. How many do you think he would have had before his brood mare stops breeding and who do you think would have paid for the education and upbringing of his clan.

  8. Ciccio,
    Spot on!! We are paying for the upkeep of these people, and they contribute very little.

  9. Of course we would want them here, they contribute positively to our to multiculturalism when given the opportunity and no we are not too full. We are a wealthy country with plenty to offer displaced people. Australia could do A LOT more for asylum seekers and I am ashamed to know that our government wont. And FYI, we are not paying for “the upkeep of these people”, they infact get less than many other Australians who do far less than them. Shame on you all for not being supportive of them, where is your sense of empathy and compassion? Have you considered what they are fleeing from? What caused them to abandon their country, family and friends?

  10. Rebecca,
    You are speaking rubbish! Most of those that arrive on-shore are not refugees, and they DO cost us a lot. Please give us examples of where a useless muslim immigrant has contributed more to the betterment of Australia than Australians themselves. It is nice to view the world through PC glasses but the truth is rather different.

  11. Kevin 747 is flying them in from Christmas Island so fast, we’ll need an international airport there. Do they get frequent flyer points?

    Christmas Island’s $8m asylum flyers
    # Alison Rehn
    # From: The Advertiser
    # June 15, 2010

    [CHARTER flights are costing almost $200,000 a week to ferry asylum seekers and government staff to and from Christmas Island, to ease pressure on the overcrowded detention centre.

    New figures on the cost of the Government’s border protection policy reveal it has been forced to double the number of charter flights on and off the island this year to an average of one every five days.

    The cost of the aircraft has also more than tripled in just 10 months to $8.2 million, or $134,000 a flight. And it is forecast to keep rising with the Government admitting it will cost an extra $8.1 million next year.]

    [Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was spending more time “running his own airline than stopping the boats”.

    “His failed border protection policies give a whole new meaning to Kevin 747,” he said.]

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