Israel to release 200 Pali terrorists as 'goodwill gesture'

Abu Mazen sez  “I need billions…”

Arab News

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert released a statement saying: “This is a gesture and a trust-building move aimed at bolstering the moderates in the Palestinian Authority and the peace process.”

Among the prisoners to be released are two Palestinians who were sentenced to long prison terms about 30 years ago. One of them actually killed Israelis and the other sent attackers. The names of the rest of the prisoners will be presented to an Israeli ministerial committee for approval.

“This is a gesture for Abu Mazen (Abbas) ahead of the month of Ramadan,” said a senior official at the prime minister’s office. Israel released 250 Palestinian on July 2007 as a gesture to Abbas.

*  No word about any Pali ‘goodwill gestures’ towards Israel.