Its our fault that Muslims are backwards, stoopid & poor

West told to ‘cease meddling in Muslim world’

Tony Hotland and Muhammad Nafik, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

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Islamic scholars blamed protracted conflicts in the Islamic world on Western countries and incessant disunity among Muslim nations.

The West’s perpetual interference in many Muslim states has resulted in enduring domestic strife within them, they said Thursday on the sidelines of the third International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) in Jakarta.

The scholars urged Western nations to change the pattern of their relations with Islam in order to end the widespread conflicts. (Does that mean give more money or stop the money?)

The three-day international conference, attended by some 300 Muslim scholars from 65 countries, is hosted by Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) — Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization — and will end Friday after the adoption of several key recommendations.

“The main cause for the chaos we see in Muslim countries is the external factor — the Western interference. In the 19th century, they exploited and made Muslims backward,” senior Iranian Muslim scholar Mohammad Ali Taskhiri said at a news conference.

(Hmm, no mention about the jihad, Islamic conquest  and occupation of Christian & Jewish lands, Muslim raids on infidels over 1400 years and the more than 30 relentless jihad wars worldwide?)

“Western countries chose to stay put even when we gained independence, meddling in our economic and domestic affairs because they wanted to maintain their presence and exploit our natural resources.” (Really? Muslims don’t exploit their natural resources?)

Taskhiri pointed out Iran’s nuclear program as an example, saying Western countries continued obstructing its efforts to develop the technology for peaceful purposes. (who says they want nukes for ‘peaceful purposes? Ahmad-in-jihad?’)

Said Sulaiman Hassan Qeeeq from Palestine and Ali Mahmoud Hassan from Somalia shared Taskhiri’s views, saying foreign intervention rendered the Muslim world powerless to stop internal conflicts. (‘stop conflicts by wiping out the existing kuffars?’ Translation: resistance from infidels to the spread of Islam makes it harder for us to make the world Islamic..’)

Hassan Qeeeq said the ongoing hostility between Palestine and Israel was not a conflict of religions but rather one between “the colonized and the colonizers”, who were supported by Western powers. (Sure. Continued presence in Israel by Jews over 3500 years makes Jews ‘colonizers’)

“Islam teaches its followers to live peacefully with non-Muslims. So it’s a question of occupation by these powers, not a question of Islam and the Jews,” he said.

*  Yep. ‘Peaceful’ like here:

Beheadings of Christian schoolgirls by pious Muslims


*   Indonesia: Hundreds of Muslim Attack Bible School With Machetes, Sharpened Bamboo Sticks and Acid…..

*   Christians, Jews praying on Temple Mount ‘seek religious war’

The Islamic scholars, however, acknowledged conflicts also occurred because of internal problems within Muslim communities.

Mahmoud Hassan said there was no unity among Muslim countries on economic or political views.

“Each of us takes our own path, building a unity in views heavily relying on our own national interests,” he said.

He added Muslim governments did not fully support Islamic civil society organizations because of the “influence of foreign imperialist states”.

They instead focused on developing the political and economic aspects of their Muslim administrations, Hassan said. (Only Islam matters.. what could be more important than that?)

Taskhiri concurred, saying these national interests often hampered efforts to unite Muslim countries, and said such interests were mostly concerned with their relations with Western powers.

He added many Muslim countries were still attracted to their Western counterparts, thus always welcoming everything they had to offer.

NU chairman Hasyim Muzadi said the conference was aimed at finding shared ideas among Muslim scholars about the root causes of conflicts and enabling scholars to view them objectively rather than based on their own personal interests.

“We hope scholars can identify aggressions, and can build a defense system against aggressions,” he said.

Hassan Qeeeq said the conference was an event to “declare a clear stance against injustice by the Western world” toward Muslim communities worldwide.

* Yep. The existence of infidels is an injustice which must be ‘corrected’ a.s.a.p.

The recommendations to be issued at the forum should be adopted as a policy in each of the participating countries, he added.

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  1. >>”Islamic scholars blamed protracted conflicts in the Islamic world on Western countries and incessant disunity among Muslim nations.

    Joe Grey>> They are inbred, emotional savages. I don’t expect them to use their intellect and come to the logical solution that they are completely wrong, nor do I expect them to have the dignity to try to change. We are watching evolution in reverse with our own eyes.

  2. Being weak not only hurts Muslims financially because they can’t steal booty, but since they can’t steal women, it is also hurting their gene pools because they have no fresh genetics to add to the mess produced from inbreeding. It’s upward or downward real fast for these folks, no in between.

  3. Fairly typical piece by a muslim – A muslim blames others because he was too lazy to learn to tie his shoelaces as a child, and he then trips over shoelaces and breaks his nose on the way home from mosque AFTER collecting disability pension from social security office.

  4. Those colonialists have left a horrible legacy and those poor African countries are doing their best to eradicate those horrors with remarkable success. That symbol of white supremacy, the Mombassa-Kampala railway is fortunately no more, replaced by 1000’s of death-trap lorries crawling along the now rutted tracks. Same for the Benguela railway, down with Portuguese Imperialism and its works. But those were only the physical symbols, there were worse as well explained by the dictatorial President of Uganda. He blamed the colonialists for “arresting the mental development of our people”. What horror !

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