Mullah Krekar, Radical Islamic Parasite, Sues Norway For 'Violation of his Human Rights'

* Mullah Krekar, you might remember, is the guy who claimed that Muslims ‘breed like Moskitoes’-, quoted by Mark Steyn, which prompted a bunch of Muslim sock-puppets to launch an all out campaign against Steyn and his publisher.

* Bear in mind that only Muslims are human. The rest of us are ‘filthy kuffars, the vilest of creatures and the sons of apes & swine’….

OSLO (Reuters) – The founder of a radical Islamist group, deemed a security risk to Norway, has complained to a European human rights court that Norwegian authorities are violating his rights, Norwegian media reported on Tuesday.

* Remember that this vile and despicable creature has threatened Norway that the bombs would go off in case he was deported…

Mullah Krekar, born Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, is an Iraqi Kurd and founder of the radical Islamist group Ansar al-Islam. Norway’s Supreme Court upheld a ruling to expel him last November, saying he posed a security risk to the country.

* We featured Mullah Krekar here and here

* Norways Muslims need to checke with fatwa council: Homosexuality – punishable by death?

But he cannot in practice be deported because Norway does not send anyone to a country where they could risk facing the death penalty.

Krekar is now taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and says he has been forced into internal exile in Norway.

“He has been robbed of all basic rights, something that cannot be accepted in a state founded on legal protection,” his attorney, Brynjar Meling, told public broadcaster NRK.

“He has no freedom of movement,” Meling said. “He is not here because he wants to be but because he has to be. He has no possibility to leave the country, to work, to study or to have a bank account.”

Krekar arrived as a refugee in Norway with his family in 1991, but officials say he has repeatedly returned to Iraq to organize a militant movement in the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq aiming to establish an Islamic state.

He says he quit leading the group years ago. The Norwegian authorities first warned that they would expel him in 2002.

“I am suing Norway to ensure that I get all the rights I am entitled to,” Krekar, whose wife and four children are Norwegian citizens, told the daily Verdens Gang.

Meling said the court in Strasbourg cannot overturn the verdict of the Norwegian court but that Norway is obliged to listen to its opinion on how to treat him.

(Reporting by Aasa Christine Stoltz; editing by Robert Hart)

Here’s Steyn:

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I get a lot of letters along these lines:

What I don’t understand is why you are even bothering to acknowledge Canada’s human rights commission. You live in New Hampshire, right? So why don’t you just ignore them? No court in America is going to extradite you over this stupid Islamic Congress case.

Well, maybe – although that Saudi sheik has now been given the go-ahead to enforce his English legal judgment against Rachel Ehrenfeld in a US court. But you’re right in a broader sense: I live in the country, I have an inexpensive lifestyle, I could afford to write off my Canadian business interests – and my British ones, or European ones, or Australian ones, or wherever the next of these legal assaults arises. But I don’t think it’s in America’s interest for the lights to go out on free speech in Canada or Britain, Europe, Australia and the rest of the western world. So I’m not prepared to give up on free expression in one of the oldest settled democracies on the planet, simply because defending it is a pain in the neck and consumes way too much time and money.

But there’s another reason. In their fraudulent dossier on Maclean’s “Islamophobia”, the Sock Puppet Four – now the Sock Puppet Three (if, indeed, they’re still in showbusiness at all) – made innumerable misrepresentations subsequently recycled throughout the rest of the Canadian media, the most notorious of which was that I had said Muslims were “breeding like mosquitoes”. As I was obliged to point out time and again, those are not my words, but those of a prominent European Muslim, Mullah Krekar, in an interview with a Norwegian newspaper.

The man who interviewed Mullah Krekar was a journalist called Carsten Thomassen. On January 14th, he was in Kabul covering the Norwegian Foreign Minister’s tour of Afghanistan. That day, he was in the lobby of the Serena Hotel waiting to meet with the minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, when two members of the Taliban killed the exterior guards, forced their way inside and opened fire. Carsten Thomassen died of his injuries at a Nato field hospital. The Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called the terrorist murders an attack not only on Norway but on freedom of speech.

I didn’t know Carsten Thomassen, except as a skilled reporter who extracted devastating quotes from Mullah Krekar and others. But we owe it to his memory to insist on the truth about that mosquito line, not just because his murder reminds us of the difference between real “hate” and the pseudo-victims of the Canadian “human rights” circus, but because to allow Elmo and the Sock Puppet Three to bully the media into going along with their misrepresentations is to collude in a lie. And no society that does that is truly free.

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  1. People like him make me want to bang my head against a wall!
    How dare he start quoting human rights.
    He obviously poses a threat to Norway as he came out with extortion by terrorism to try to force the Norweigen Govt not to deport him. If he’s a Kurd then he could have settled in an awful lot of countries between N Iraq and Norway – why didn’t he? Most of the countries probably didn’t offer enough welfare.
    I find this sort of thing so offensive. Those that would destroy us expect us to keep them.
    We seem to have a lot of that in the UK, drives us crazy.

  2. >>”Mullah Krekar, Radical Islamic Parasite, Sues Norway For ‘Violation of his Human Rights’

    Joe Grey>> Krekar, human rights are for humans, you’re an animal!. You can ask P.E.T.A.’s attorneys to help you suit for veterinary costs.

  3. Dhimmis living in the ummah should be so lucky to “suffer” like this fool supposedly has.

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