Philippines: 800 Moro 'rebels' drive 6,500 Christians to abandon their homes and farms

But look how ABC cooks this report:

“Philippine army attacks Muslim rebels in south”

The Philippine military has attacked Muslim rebels holed up in Catholic farmlands in the south prompting hundreds to flee their homes.

* Amazing stuff, isn’t it? “The Philippine military has attacked Muslim rebels”- just like that?      Not a word about the ongoing jihad terror over many decades? These ‘rebels’, are they  ‘freedom fighters’ or what are they?

Security officials say at least one soldier was killed and several others were injured during renewed clashes.

The government had given some 800 Moro Islamic Liberation Front guerrillas a 24-hour deadline on Thursday to withdraw from villages in North Cotabato province but most defied the government order.

The interior ministry says the rebels had torched houses, looted farms and caused more than 6,500 people to abandon their homes and farms.

* What? didn’t the first sentence above say something about ‘hundreds’ had to flee their homes? These ‘hundreds now suddenly turns out to be 6500?

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4 thoughts on “Philippines: 800 Moro 'rebels' drive 6,500 Christians to abandon their homes and farms”

  1. That was only 6500. If the world keeps wrist slapping these animals that number will increase many times over.

  2. Countless thousands of Muslims all over the world are actively fighting at the expense of billions of dollars–***ALL WITHOUT JOBS*** They are being funded by the so called “vast majority of peaceful Muslims”.

  3. The Philippines have quite a large army and they could well have prevented these incidents for all time if only the next headlines were to read: “Army buries 800 insurgents”.

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