2 thoughts on “Poll Results: Is Allah GOD?”

  1. No matter what anybody believes, just simply comparing what the Torah says, what the New Testament says, to what the Quran says… about concept of God being presented…there is no possible way the Quran’s Allah could the Hebrew’s Yahweh or the Triune God of the New Testament. Now Jews holding only to the Torah would not accept the NT’s presentation obviously, but Jesus and the disciples insisted without backing off one statement they were not trying to present a new Deity or a new religion. Jesus’ name from hebrew does mean “Yahweh our salvation”…and the authors of the new testament plainly wrote the Jews were not cast away from Yawweh’s plans…any replacement theology just doesn’t exist within the New Testament.

    I’m more comfortable concerning Jews as a Christian, something I will never accept is Islam. After all Jesus, all the disciples, the first apostles, the entire first church in existence all came from within lineage of the Jews.

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