So you wanna be a Sheikh?

Al Waleeds new toy:




Ripped from Pamela/Atlas Shrugs



Here’s the link


Take a look at these photos…

What you will see is not a grand hotel but, rather, a house…

It is owned by the family of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan,
the former president of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Abu Dhabi.

Doesn’t your bathroom look like this?


The Audi A8 was made in SILVER for a sheikh… No, it’s not silver in color. It is made out of silver!



Amazing what $3.25 per gallon of gas can buy, huh?



8 thoughts on “So you wanna be a Sheikh?”

  1. He must be a prince of pimps with that taste!

    One of the worst things to befall civilization was when Westerners found oil in the Mideast. Look at the results-it’s like the Beverly Hillbillies, only with far more money, far less humor and plenty of deadly intentions.

  2. We must have the oil and riches for ourselves as reparations for the murders, rapes, and robberies of our ancestors–preferably gained through deception and humiliation.

  3. Joel

    If we ever got into a real war with the Islamic world, then after defeating them in say a month, war reparations will certainly mean confiscation of all oil wells, plus confiscation of all assetts.

    Unfortunately, in our present political climate, we will end up giving the defeated trillions of dollars in compensation, while apologising profusely to the defeated. Then our leaders will take their shoes/socks off and pay homage to Allah, Mo, and kiss the Koran, at the nearest mosque – such is the insanity in the Western political world.

  4. I am reminded of the Kenney, Kerry and Edwards wealth, but unlike Alweed, they are always yapping about being concerned for the “little people” <–insert smiley here

  5. Instead of us bombing on the civilian population, would it not be nice, to bomb all these little trophy’s these morons have.
    Nothing for the people in their country, they can suffer and beg for things.
    And we helped them getting those oil wells. What a joke the whole situation is.
    About who does our government cares?

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