Aussie Special Forces in Afghanistan Lock Talibs In Dog Pens, Musulmaniacs Downunder Start Howling Like Bitches

*   Never question the loyalty of your fellow Muslims, especially when they shoot you in the back or throw hand-grenades in your tent…

with thanks to Andrew Bolt

A bad mistake – or a nasty reminder – when an Australian Muslim organistation instinctively sides with Taliban suspects over the Australian soldiers trying to hold them captive: 

SUSPECTED Taliban militants arrested by Australian special forces in Afghanistan have been detained in “dog pens” in actions that have left Australian Muslim groups outraged…

The empty dog pens were used to hold overnight four suspected Taliban insurgents who were arrested in a raid by special forces soldiers on April 29….

Australia’s peak Muslim body, the Islamic High Council, expressed alarm at the practice.

“This is of concern to us whether they are Muslim or other people being confined in accommodation designed for dogs,” said council spokesman Mohamed Mehio. “This is a matter of human rights.” (remember: only Muslims are human, unbelievers are ‘the vilest of creatures..’ ed)

If the council was as noisy about the human rights of the many victims of the Taliban and waited to hear all the facts about this one-off overnight detention, I’d be less worried. 

* Strangely, we didn’t hear anything from ‘our’ Muslims when this happened:

 Women buried alive in Pak, MP defends act: “These are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them,” 

*  Update 1: Tim Blair nails the swine from the Sydney Moonbat Herald who promptly tried to spin this crap into some kind of Abu Ghraib outrage, while Bobby Brown does his usual best and defecates on the troops,  with gusto…

* Update 2: Aussies don’t buy media spin, rally behind troops and tell the Muzz to get stuffed…



7 thoughts on “Aussie Special Forces in Afghanistan Lock Talibs In Dog Pens, Musulmaniacs Downunder Start Howling Like Bitches”

  1. Hurray for the Aussies who captured the slimes and hurray for the Aussies who refused to apologize to the slimes at home who complained. They NEVER complain when a muzzie blows up or kills an innocent person, do they?


  2. >>”Aussie Special Forces in Afghanistan Lock Talibs in Dog Pens”<> These animals think they are in Saudi Arabia even when they get their arses kicked. Geez!

  3. >>”Aussie Special Forces in Afghanistan Lock Talibs in Dog Pens”<<


  4. The Taliban have taught the West some valuable lessons which the idiots refuse to realize. If they did the war would soon be over. It is an extremely simple, effective, cheap and permanent solution.
    No survivors after a victorious battle. It may sound barbaric and all that other liberal claptrap but there is simply no other way to deal with barbarians.

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