Blair's moonbat sister-in-law: "Gaza like Darfur and concentration camp"


Lauren Booth, the moonbat sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister and current quartet envoy Tony Blair, has compared the situation in Gaza with a concentration campand with the situation in Darfur in the Sudan. As you may recall, Booth sailed into Gaza with the ‘blockade busting’ terrorist sympathizers, decided not to leave with them, and is now ‘stuck‘ in Gaza as a result of both the Israeli and Egyptian refusal to allow her to depart by land.

* Yes, females can be Assholes too:

In a telephone interview with Ynet on Wednesday, Booth slammed Israel’s policies and called Gaza “the largest concentration camp in the world today. I was startled the Israelis agreed to this.”

Despite her current predicament, Booth said she has no regrets. “My children are the ones who are suffering, because I’m being prevented from leaving and they can’t see me. I don’t regret it, because I wanted to come here and help these children who are suffering on a daily basis,” she said.

Booth asserted that the current siege is not the result of the policies of the Hamas government. “There’s been a siege for 20 years already. Palestinians’ freedom of movement has been restricted since the 80s. This is an inexcusable outrage on an international level.”

She spoke of the situation in Gaza and said, “Yesterday, I visited mothers of children under the age of five. Nutrition here has deteriorated threefold over the last two years because it is impossible to bring food through the crossings. Unemployment has risen, so people can’t even afford to buy what food there is left.”

When asked about Israel’s right to respond to incessant attacks emanating from Gaza, Booth evoked Holocaust-related rhetoric. “There is no right to punish people this way. There is no justification for this kind of collective punishment. You were in the concentration camps, and I can’t believe that you are allowing the creation of such a camp yourselves.”

“The Palestinians’ suffering is physical, mental and emotional,” she went on, “there is not a family here in which someone is not in desperate need of work, shelter or food. This is a humanitarian crisis on the scale of Darfur.

It goes without saying that Booth’s comparisons are ridiculous. No one is forcing the ‘Palestinians’ to do forced labor in the freezing cold and shooting stragglers as was done in the concentration camps. No one is marching ‘Palestinians’ into the gas chambers as was done in the concentration camps. And no one is conducting an ethnic cleansing of the ‘Palestinians’ as their Muslim brethren are doing to the blacks of Darfur.

But what’s most curious about this piece is that there is no reaction – and maybe no attempt to solicit a reaction – from the one person who make Booth irrelevant: Tony Blair.

One person Booth doesn’t think is doing enough, is her brother in law Blair. “I don’t think he has a real idea of what’s going on here. I think that the Israeli government is working very hard to keep him in the dark.”

I doubt it. Blair can go to Gaza whenever he wants. Of course, his last trip was canceled because Booth’s friends threatened to kill him. That was nearly two months ago.

Finally, for those of you sympathize with Booth because you found her picture somewhat attractive (come on guys, you know who you are), I’ve been cheating you a little bit. That picture at the top of this post, which I have used before, is from 1998. Here’s a more recent picture.

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  1. “Gaza like Darfur”.



    Darfur is happening to the extent it is BECAUSE of Islamic Jihad. So drawing a parallel between that and Gaza in reality lays the cause at the feet of Muslims. The Philestina have utterly trashed Gaza from what the Jews had done to turn it into a amazing agricultural wonder of producing unbelievable levels fruits & vegetables in those greenhouses. If it wasn’t for oil and the world’s dependence upon it, the Islamic world couldn’t supply themselves with any of the gains of the 21st century.

  2. The apple does not fall far from the tree and this MORON is just proving that like her father and her sister she is a complete PC Moonbat CRETIN.

  3. LOL! Cute lefty traitors who go into Muslim countries are committing mass torture of Muslims because they have to restrain themselves with all their might from practicing their belief that it is their right to rape them.

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