BMW Jihad. Driving While Killing For Allah: Pali-Arab drives car into crowd of soldiers

* ‘My car is my jihad’.   He probably thought he was all class & style.

*  From our ‘Murder on my mind’ series:


Jerusalem, ISRAEL:

The bulldozer rampage in July has introduced a new variety of suicide attack for the jihadist seeking to “slay and be slain” for the Qur’an’s promise of paradise (9:111). “15 wounded in terror attack at busy Jerusalem intersection,” by Etgar Lefkovits and Shelly Paz for the Jerusalem Post, 

An Arab resident of east Jerusalem rammed his vehicle into a group of soldiers at a central Jerusalem thoroughfare late Monday night, wounding fifteen people, before being shot dead by an off-duty IDF officer, police and rescue officials said.

It was the third such attack in the city in as many months.

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Same bitch attacks Israeli soldiers with acid

* The trouble with extending humanitarian considerations to Koranimals: by eliminating her the first time this soldier would have not lost his eyesight. But we can’t do that. Because that would make us ‘just like them’-, right?

Palestinian woman pours acid on soldier 

IDF soldier manning Nablus checkpoint loses sight after Palestinian woman hurls acidic substance into his eyes. Army slams ‘cynical use’ of humanitarian aid at crossings

Efrat Weiss/Ynet news        

An IDF soldier has lost sight in one of his eyes after a Palestinian woman attacked him with acid at the Hawara checkpoint on Monday afternoon. The checkpoint is located south of the West Bank city of Nablus.

Photo: AFP

* Israel fears growing trend after new Jerusalem incident

 Troops managed to apprehend the woman, who is believed to have carried out a similar attack several weeks ago at the same crossing. She was arrested and taken for questioning. The soldier was evacuated to the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva for treatment.

 In the previous incident, the woman arrived at the Hawara checkpoint and attempted to cross through the humanitarian aid lane, which is meant for medical emergencies and therefore has limited security.

Upon approaching the soldier manning the lane, she threw acid at his face and then ran back towards Nablus.

 IDF forces are implementing a more lenient policy at checkpoints as part of the military’s efforts to ease restrictions on the Palestinian population during the month of Ramadan. Military sources said it is was unfortunate Palestinians were “cynically abusing” the IDF’s humanitarian efforts. The Hawara checkpoint has been the scene of many arrests in which Palestinians were apprehended trying to smuggle weapons and explosives into Israel.

The past two months have seen a 16-year-old boy arrested with two pipe bombs and a knife, and an 18-year old Palestinian arrested after a search of his person yielded six pipe bombs, a rifle magazine and gun powder.




BMW Jihad

The attack took place at the city’s Kikar Tzahal near Jaffa Gate. Two of the casualties were in moderate condition, the rest were lightly hurt.

The assailant, who was driving a BMW, crashed into a group of off-duty soldiers on the sidewalk, where his car came to a grinding halt.

Jerusalem police chief Aharon Franco said that the attacker was shot dead “within seconds” by an off-duty IDF officer who was touring the city with his unit.

He added that there was no intelligence information ahead of the attack, but noted that Jerusalem was under heavy security alert due to Ramadan.

The city’s police chief said that the lone attacker was an Arab resident of east Jerusalem.

The pedestrians wounded in the attack were rushed to Jerusalem’s Hadassah-University Hospital at Ein Kerem, Hadassah-University Hospital on Mount Scopus and the city’s Sha’are Tzedek Hospital.

The attack comes after two back-to-back bulldozer attacks in Jerusalem in July which left three Israelis dead and dozens wounded.

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