Czech Nationalists to stage protest against Islam


Brno, South Moravia, Sept 22 (CTK) – Supporters of the Czech far right National Party will stage a protest against Islamism outside the Brno mosque on Wednesday, the party has informed on its website.

The Libertas Independent Agency associating Brno Muslims and friends of Muslim nations has expressed its protest against the planned event in a statement CTK has obtained.

The demonstration is to start before noon.

“We are naturally monitoring the situation and collecting all important information concerning it,” south Moravian police spokeswoman Jan Sipkova told CTK Monday.

The demonstration is to be a reaction to the death of Czech ambassador to Pakistan Ivo Zdarek who died on Saturday in the ruins of the Marriott Hotel in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad that became the target of a terrorist attack, along with another 52 people.

Shortly after Zdarek’s death, the Brno Muslims expressed condolence to his family. In the past, they always distanced themselves from Islamist terrorist attacks.

The Brno mosque which is the oldest Muslim house of worship in the Czech Republic marked ten years of its existence this summer. At the ceremony Muslims distributed one thousand roses among Brno residents as an expression of friendship and thanks for good co-existence.

The Brno Muslims condemned the attacks on New York on September 11, 2001. (sure thing. The usual mealy mouthed BS about ‘Muslims condemn all acts of terrorism’- by which they mean US and Zionist ‘terrorism’- or anyone who resists the spread of Islam/ed)

In the past, they considerably helped Czech diplomats in the salvation of public Czech Television (CT) reporter Michal Kubal and his colleagues after they were kidnapped in war-torn Iraq.

2 thoughts on “Czech Nationalists to stage protest against Islam”

  1. All of those, that was stopped from demonstrating in Cologne, should take a trip and join these sensible people –
    but there will properly be a counter demonstration, yet again, by these misguided “antiracism” groups.

  2. i read this in the bible god will destroy isreals enemies and bless those who bless it. god will gather his people from all around the world and isreal will be born in one day and never again be destroyed.i belive the arab nations to be what they profess and that is mohamedism which teaches hate murder lying all taught in every mosque in the world.the bible teaches the opposite it also predicts the end times and what were seeing now (islamist)is prophesy fullfilled.the hard part of it is we will be dealing with these idiots right up to the very end .i take great comfort that god will destroy these people , their false prophet, and their false god all in one day amen.

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