France: Liberté, égalité, fraternité replaced by Muhammadanismé


PARIS, SEPTEMBER 5 – The main unions of the French magistrates said they are “astonished” by the decision of the criminal court of Rennes to postpone “due to the Ramadan” a trial of abduction. The trial had to begin on September 16, exactly in the middle of the sacred month for the Muslims, but the defending counsel has asked and obtained a postponement, affirming that his client, of Islamic faith, was “too weak” due to the fast.

A choice which is “quite surprising considering the principle of secularity”, Laurent Bedouet, secretary general of the Unified Magistratés Union (USM), said. Much harsher was the comment of Emmanuelle Perreux, chairman of the magistrates’ union (SM), who defined the postponement as “aberrant”. “We must return to the big principles and remember that we live in a secular republic,” Perreux added. On May 29, passionate polemics had accompanied the decision of the court of Lille, in northern France, to annul a marriage between two Muslims because the wife had lied her husband about her virginity. The marriage was annulled because, according to the judge, it had been done “on the basis of an objective error, determining in the consent”. (ANSAmed).


5 thoughts on “France: Liberté, égalité, fraternité replaced by Muhammadanismé”

  1. * Disgusting. Disgraceful. Too weak from the fast, my ass!

    Not in the same league, but in the same vein, schools here were notified to go easy on
    muslim students who might be absent, or inattentive, tired etc due to the fast and lack
    of food & water. If normal parents sent their children to school unfed, my guess is that
    they would be investigated / prosecuted for child neglect.

    If the fast is so weakening, as claimed, then it follows that muslim workers who are
    required to operate machinery, drive vehicles etc should be stood down when they
    are presenting a hazard, or replaced by workers who are adequately nourished while
    on duty.

  2. The fast is only from dawn to duck. After that they gorge themselves like Roman senators at the vomitarium. Anyone who tries to manage their weight forgoes eating for most of the say. It’s not like they fast for the whole damn month. Besides, they do nothing all day anyway except plan their jihad…nothing physical about that. When these nations cave to the new caliphate, I hope we build a wall around America….the others are on their own. Damn Euroweenis.

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