Gordon Brown totally befuddled with Ramadan

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UK Prime Minister: “Ramadan’s message of compassion and social justice spreads beyond Muslim communities; it speaks of shared values that unite us all”

 Gordon Brown,  recently accused of discriminating against Christianity, praises Ramadan — also known as “the month of jihad.” “Muslims making huge contribution to Britain’s success: Brown,” by Raza Mumtaz for the Pakistan Times, September 5 thanks to DW:

LONDON (UK): The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in his Ramazan [Ramadan] message has spoken of the huge contribution the Muslim community is making to Britain’s success in terms of its prosperity, society and culture.

*  Tell us about it, Gordon. Some of us are literally dying to know. Elaboration, details, and examples would help.

“Ramadan teaches patience and humility, and reminds us of our shared moral universe; our obligation to others,” he said. 

Emphasising the importance of the holy month, Brown said the message of empathy for the less fortunate is reflected in Ramazan by the daily fast.

What does the nightly gorge reflect?

“Ramadan’s message of compassion and social justice spreads beyond Muslim communities; it speaks of shared values that unite us all,” he added. 

Recalling the hadith of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), he said it emphasised the duty of care we owe one another and this special month is also the occasion to celebrate the diversity that contributes to Britain ‘s strength.

The Prime Minister pointed out Ramazan is an opportune time to consider the contribution of Islam not just to Britain , but to the world as the Islamic art, science, and philosophy have enriched our lives over many centuries.

Where is it? Gone with the wind?

He said Ramazan is also a time to recall the holy Prophet’s message that “the best richness is the richness of the soul,” while stressing to look forward to continuing positive engagement with British Muslim communities across the UK.

FS David Miliband

The Foreign Secretary David Miliband sending his good wishes to the two million Muslims in Britain said the occasion provides a chance for Muslims, to look at their own lives and judge them against the high standards that they set for themselves.

“But Ramadan is also a chance to look outwards as well as inwards. To look at compassion, charity, responsibility not just within the Muslim community but across all our communities,”.

He said the Ramazan is a month of contemplation, prayer and spirituality and provides a big opportunity for those who are not Muslim to learn, to understand and to engage with Muslim citizens living close to them and ensure that all are working together to bridge the divides of race and religion that too often pull people apart.


7 thoughts on “Gordon Brown totally befuddled with Ramadan”

  1. I lived in Moslems countries last 42 years. Ramadan is the most Horrible month in Spiritual Realm, i have noticed more violence in moslem families, more wast of money, more deaths and accidents and more Evil Activities against Christians in Ramandan. Most of you will not agree but this is the Truth. I lived in moslem homes and i am telling what is true.
    Spiritualy this is the month when Evil Islamic Spirits are more activated by fasting and night prayers of the moslems.
    God Bless You.

  2. Imagine if Winnie had been PM and the headline read …

    UK Prime Minister: “Nazism’s message of compassion and social justice spreads beyond
    German communities; it speaks of shared values that unite us all”

    … fortunately, it didn’t.

  3. Brown is an appeaser of the worst kind. He is a coward. He always has been. He used to hide behind Blair (ugh!) but now he’s got the job he’s always coveted he’s found that he can’t hide. He often goes AWOL. This doesn’t surprise me one bit.
    NuLabour have spent ten years dismantelling our democratic processes and punishing the English because we generally don’t vote Labour (esp. in the south) and we still don’t know if he has signed away our sovereignty with the Lisbon Treaty.
    Given a chance he would still be appeasing the islamists in the future. He is on the way out and Labour are finished. All we have to do now is to force him to call a General Election (he did mutter about one this autumn) as soon as possible.
    In the mean time the minority of a minority are still whining and demanding and offending us at every turn. Britain is rapidly approaching tipping point. I believe that Europe is going the same way. We will have to wait and see who breaks first.
    Either Brown is completely deluded as to the threat islam poses to the West (or any country that isn’t islamic) or he knows and he is knowtowing to try to avoid trouble which is even worse.
    I can’t look at a picture of him without feeling nauseous.

  4. Unbelievable, what a coward, what a disgrace he is.
    Who will finally have the guts to stand up to this barbaric religion.

  5. As a Scot ruling Great Britain, Brown is usually referred to as ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Revenge’.

  6. (sorry for my english, i’m a french canadian.)
    He makes me fear a lot. When a PM say a discours like that it’s surely that he fear a war or a civil war.
    How an england PM may say a such message!!!
    Fortunately for us, we (canada) see you and we could prepare us to the worse but we will have the opportunity to moderate the desaster (less muslims here, reinforce law, etc..)

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