Here's that Ho again… Campbell Brown!

Campbell Brown Rips McCain Camp’s “Sexist” Treatment Of Palin

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Campbell Brown (CNN) chastised the McCain campaign Tuesday evening for engaging in sexism and insulting behavior in its attempt to shield Gov. Sarah Palin from members of the press.

Update: Atlas Shrugs

*   Winds of Jihad featured Arab sex toy Campbell Brown here earlier this month where she was granted the prestigious Cocksucker of the Month award, not only for sucking off Saudi Ambassador Al Jubair, but  for her creepy performance here:

One thought on “Here's that Ho again… Campbell Brown!”

  1. Good Lord the twit tried to claim a Governor has absolutely no say in their state’s National Guard deployment without knowing any of the details. She thought she had a angle, when he he made it a mute point by the fact Palin VP has MORE command decision experience than BOTH Obama and Biden…she had no choice but to keep harping on it like a typical moonbat who’s reasoning level is mud puddle shallow.

    CNN is such a has been news outlet. Ever since Desert Storm its been down the toilet in ratings.

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