Londonistan: “Asians rule supreme” and “get out of our area white scum”

* Muslims attack lone street sweeper

Who would ever believe that a street sweeper’s job would be a high risk profession? – well it is – at least for a white British man – performing his tasks – cleaning a Westhulme subway.

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Muslims beat homeless man for eating during Ramadan

Celebrate diversity!

“Celebrate Diversity: Proper Behavior on Ramadan,” by Brian C. Ledbetter at Snapped Shot

A homeless man in Brussels was beaten to a pulp this past Friday. His assailants were arrested and will presumably be charged with assault and battery soon, but what’s genuinely shocking is the reasoning behind the attack.You see, the two assailants were Muslim men, who when walking by in the street, became enraged that this homeless man had the sheer audacity to drink during Ramadan.

In a (presumably) non-Muslim country!

According to eyewitness accounts, “The father started screaming at him that he had ‘no right to drink during Ramadan,'” which doesn’t sound all that “peaceful” or “tolerant” to me….

“The 48-year-old was cleaning the Featherstall Road subway close to the Martha Street entrance at 9.20am on Tuesday when a gang of six Asian youths smashed a wooden post through the side window. They then rained blows on the sweeper with clubs, posts and bats and hit the victim’s leg as he tried to get out of the vehicle.”

The consistent pattern of menacing “Asian” (media-speak for muslim) gangs who walk the streets of England purposely looking for lone victims (frequently the elderly oryoung boys ) to physically and racially assault is growing. These muslim thugs then pounce on the victim and proceed to use weapons to violently batter the man.Baseball bats seem to be their weapons of choice. The poor lone victim has no chance against the vicious mob – that of course being the purpose – and is why such muslim gangs are the epitome of cowardice.

“As the attack took place, the gang shouted, “Asians rule supreme” and “get out of our area white scum”. They ran away when the victim called the police.”

The muslim thugs screamed their taunts and told the indigenous British people what muslims feel is their entitlement to “own” the streets of Britain – they do so emboldened by decades of the UK government, politicians, churches and other groups relentless pandering to muslims – even going so far as to recognize and have taxpayers subsidize muslim polygamous marriages and even more insanely allowingSharia Law to be accepted legal practice in the UK.

Yet the violent beating and racial assault of a non-muslim British man whose job was to clean those same streets will elicit nary a yawn in the mainstream media and from muslim community. This article is found in a local newspaper – you can be sure if the sitution were reversed – all the mainstream media newspapers and television news would be all over the story – condemning the perpetrators. Local and national politicians would be tripping over each other running to pontificate and show support with the aggrieved (muslim) victim by joining parades of outraged muslims who take to the streets of England protesting the attack and the (myth) of Islamophobia in the UK. (And once again the only changes made are to disrupt the victim’s (and other street cleaner’s) work routine rather than focus on and address the UK’s escalating muslim gang problem.)

Despite the facts to the opposite the British government (and nearly worldwideconsensus) is that white people cannot be victims of racism - they can only BE racist. (Including toddlers who dislike spicy foods) It is past time for muslim apologists, enablers and others to stop perpetrating the sterotype of the racist white (British) male & the Islamophiobia lies to rationalize muslim violence – and start seeing reality.

I’m sure that the 48 year old street sweeper would agree that clearly the reverse is the truth.

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2 thoughts on “Londonistan: “Asians rule supreme” and “get out of our area white scum””

  1. And in the unlikely event that the perps are caught, prosecuted & imprisoned, all hell
    will break out if their “sensitivities” are offended by being served rum flavoured ice
    cream …

  2. Very curious article, it says the father instigated the attack, was joined by his son, yet only the son was arrested. it just goes to show that the muzzies now think they own Europe. I read Dutch, French and German so I have some insight into the news that do not make it to the world press and I get the feeling there is a slow rage building up, when it explodes the allah howlers will have something to howl about. In all the outrages perpetuated by them every day there is one common element. They never go in alone, always as a pack. A single feral dog is not much of a threat if you have a good stick, they are only dangerous as a pack. My advice, keep a good stick handy.

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