Philippino Nail-bomb Jihad

A bomb blast victim is rushed to a hospital in Digos city

A bomb blast jihad victim is rushed to hospital in Digos city

*  Didn’t the government make a promise to the MILF’s that they would ‘respect Ramadan’ and stop the fighting? Then why are the jihadists not stopping the bombing?

Jihadists kill six in nail bombing on bus in Philippines

By Jenny Booth for the Times,

A powerful bomb packed with steel nails has exploded on a passenger bus in the Philippines today, killing at least six people and wounding 26 others in a possible attack by an extortion gang, police said.


The blast in Digos city in Davao del Sur province occurred inside a bus owned by a company that has been targeted by extortionists in the past, said Superintendent Francisco Villaroman, the regional police intelligence officer.

The bomb, which had been placed in an overhead bin, tore a hole in the roof of the bus and shattered its windows. Six people died, and the wounded included several children, he said.

“They placed the bomb overhead and packed it with nails obviously to cause more casualties,” said Supt Villaroman, speaking by telephone from the scene….

Supt Villaroman said that a notorious extortion gang named Al Khobar had demanded 500,000 pesos (£5,000) plus a 50,000 peso (£500) monthly payment from the bus company in July.

When the management refused, the extortionists bombed a bus in Digos on July 23, killing one person and wounding 32 others, he said. The bombs used in the earlier attack were packed with a similar type of steel nails.

Al Khobar has also targeted other bus companies and has been blamed for several bombings in the country’s southern Mindanao region. Officials say the group has links to Muslim militants, who are active in the area….


2 thoughts on “Philippino Nail-bomb Jihad”

  1. The title is incorrect; they were extortionists, and allegedly so….not jihadists.

    This story goes far into speculating that the bombing was by an extortion gang. If it is true, then it should have no link to being Islamically proper. However, separatist groups have denied this to be true. The tying the idea of this ’speculation’ by the government to the separatist movements of Mindanao may actually be a false flag operation to further drive home how Muslims seeking independence and not allowing for a breach of the contract created with the government. “It’s okay to go back on governmental contracts agreed upon, as long we we’re the ones who do it,” – think many government officials.

    If it is as the government thinks it is, extortion, then it should be treated as a crime and not be associated with the government refusal to own up to its end of the contract with Mindanao separatists. Although I can see where society in general would go astray when the people can’t trust their government.

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