Ramadan Jihad News

Ahmadinejad: Are Jews Human Beings?…
British Government Keeps Terrorists, Deports Gays…
Moro Islamists Silent on Fate of Humanitarian Workers…
LG Embeds Qur’an Verses in Big Screen TVs…
Thieves Whipped as Sharia Expands in Pakistan…
EU to Allow Inhumane Exception for Religious Animal Slaughter…
CAIR: US Partly to Blame for 9/11…
Indonesia and Malaysia Urged to End Child Slavery…

* We all have our priorities. Priorities in Islamistan are just… different! Right?

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Apes & Swine Update: 

Jews acting ‘like beastly persons’, Ahmadinejad says

(which is in accordance with dehumanizing Jews as apes (Koran 2:65/7:166), or apes and ….will be made into apes (2:65/ 7:166), or apes and swine (5:60)/ed)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that “there is a group occupying the young Palestinians while the latter are defending their mothers and fathers, and presenting them as terrorists. “Do these criminals believe in God and in the Bible? They are like beastly persons; they have no faith in God. We object to the crimes making bad use in the name of Judaism,” he added in a speech to the Iranian people. (Dudi Cohen)


*  Ramadan Jihad in Kashmir

Thousands of Muslims protests in Kashmir
Caliphate Times

Thousands of Muslims in ‘Indian occupied Kashmir’ held fresh demonstrations against Indian rule Friday, ending a week of calm in the insurgency-hit region, police and residents said. (Kashmir, of course, is India proper. But this is from a Pakistani paper/ed)

Germany: 2 Arrested in Bombing Plot

The authorities announced Friday that they had arrested two men, a German citizen of Afghan heritage and a Turk, accused of being linked to a bombing plot that shocked Germany last year, because of the scale of explosive chemicals seized and the fact that German converts to Islam were involved. Federal prosecutors said in a statement that the German, Omid Shirkhani, had visited a training camp near the Afghan-Pakistani border run by the terrorist group Islamic Jihad Union. Mr. Shirkhani is suspected of being a member of the group. The Turkish citizen, Huseyin Ozgun, was accused of providing support to the organization; he was said to have been detained by Pakistani authorities on his way to an Islamic Jihad Union camp. The men were arrested in the Frankfurt area on Thursday, after Mr. Shirkhani tried to leave the country, according to a senior German law enforcement official.

A separatist committee spearheading recent anti-India demonstrations had called on people in the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley to observe a strike after midday Friday and “hold peaceful demonstrations against India`s rule.”

Thousands of Muslims in summer capital Srinagar took to the streets after attending weekly Friday prayers, chanting “we want freedom” and “Go India, go.”

(“Freedom” for Koranimals means sharia/ed)

“Police have been deployed in strength to prevent any violence,” said police officer Pervez Ahmed.

Police and residents said similar protest demonstrations were held in other Muslim-dominated towns as shops, schools and offices closed after midday.

In the past few months, Kashmir has witnessed the biggest pro-independence demonstrations since the separatist insurgency erupted in 1989. The protests have been met by a tough crackdown by Indian security forces.

Since June, 42 Muslim and three Hindu protesters have been shot dead by security forces in unrest sparked by a state government plan to grant land to a Hindu pilgrim trust.

The two-decade-old insurgency in Indian Kashmir has claimed more than 43,000 lives.

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace 
“He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah’s cause” 

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