Tancredo Tells United Nations to Get Out

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Legislation will seize U.N. property amid continual anti-American, anti-Jewish sentiment

( WASHINGTON, DC ) – U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) introduced legislation today that would effectively move the United Nations headquarters out of the United States. The legislation is being introduced amid incessant anti-American and anti-Jewish political grandstanding from the podium of the General Assembly.

“The U.N. has coddled brutal dictators, anti-Semites, state sponsors of terrorism, and nuclear proliferators – while excluding democratic countries from membership and turning a blind eye to humanitarian tragedies and gross violations of human rights around the globe,” Tancredo said. “The U.N.’s continued presence in the United States is an embarrassment to our nation, and the time has come for this ineffective organization to pack its bags and hit the road.”

The United Nations is hosting dictators from around the world this week, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s brutal dictator. His speech has drawn thousands of protestors in New York City.

Tancredo’s bill, dubbed the U.N. Eviction Act, would direct Attorney General Michael Mukasey to initiate condemnation proceedings against all United Nations properties within the United States, and sell the property to the highest bidder on the open market. The proceeds will be given to the Treasury Department to pay down the national debt. The bill would also bar the future purchase of property in the United States or U.S. territories by the U.N. or any of its agencies, and revokes the diplomatic privileges and immunities that U.N. officials and representatives currently enjoy.

“I refuse to sit idly by while Americans are forced to host Islamofascist dictators, like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, so they can spew anti-American rhetoric just blocks from Ground Zero,” Tancredo continued.

The United Nations, an organization known for its bureaucracy and conciliatory actions, has become a showcase for anti-American dictators like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and, of course, Ahmadinejad. The organization has also become little more than a rubber stamp for Chinese and Russian foreign policy initiatives – blocking membership by the democratic nation of Taiwan in the world body, and failing to take any meaningful steps to halt the ongoing genocide in Sudan or the illicit nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran.

“If the U.N. is so keen to accommodate the foreign policy demands of rogue nations and dictatorships, perhaps the world body might be more comfortable relocating to one,” concluded Tancredo. “I’m sure Ban Ki-Moon will have no trouble securing a new location in downtown Pyongyang or Tehran.”

4 thoughts on “Tancredo Tells United Nations to Get Out”

  1. Tancredo should be running for POTUS. At least, McCain should give him a prominent cabinet position. I’d like John Bolton to be Sec’y of State, but Tancredo would be just fine.

  2. The UN is indeed a disgrace and I can understand why so many Americans want to see it off their soil. However, it isn’t quite that simple.
    The UN followed on from the League of Nations to arbitrate between the worlds’ countries to try to avoid another world war. Since then, and certainly since 9/11 it has been warped into a haven for African dictators and Islamists, at the very least.
    The dictators want the pseudo legitimacy that sitting on various UN committees give them and to distract from what they are doing in their own countries. They can then blame the *imperialist countries* for their problems rather than looking at what they have been responsible for in the last almost half a century of independance. This saves them the embarrassment of criticising one another!
    The Islamists want power, especially power over non-Islamic countries and especially the West/Anglosphere. This gives them carte blanche to indulge in their diatribes against us at will. It’s also a good forum to try to force through *islamophobia* referendums to muzzle free speech. They fear free speech more than life itself. I think they are scared that too many of us have been doing our homework and now have a good understanding of islam, something that will sink them because we not only learn, we question, debate, and will be able to debunk the collective nonsense they spout every day. They are trying to blackmail us with oil, the Saudis especially with their enormous building programmes of madrassas, mosques and schools round the world to spread their wahhabist cult. They are failing. There is now such an outpouring of jihadists atrocities in the MSM (despite their attempts to euphemise it out of existence) that it cannot be ignored, too many innocent people are dying and the pathalogical hatred has become so intense that it is about to explode.
    One of the ironys is the human rights commission. Chock full of both, when they do not believe in human rights and any sort of equality.
    The UN has become a laughing stock (just think of ElB. in charge of keeping an eye on a country like Iran) and is, unsurprisingly, shockingly corrupt. America, I have little doubt, pays the most into the pot and is spat on. How much do the African countries or the Islamic countries pay towards its’ upkeep?
    If Tancredo wants the UN out of the USA then he needs to think carefully. The UN has become a sort of quasi *world government* with all sorts of powers. If America, the West, the Anglosphere and democratic countries broke away and formed their own UN then that would leave China, Russia, S America, Africa, Islamic countries and the rest to have a free hand to pass all sorts of referendums (whether enforceable or not) against us. This would suit the Russians as they have been very belligerent lately and after their embarrassment in Georgia they would love the backing of the UN to rubber stamp future adventures into other countries. In response we could pass our own referendums but this would cause more confrontation and, I believe, would make wars far more likely.
    I do not know the answer to this problem, however, I do believe that we need to get our act together to counter/block this trend and expose the inadequacies of the UN and try to reform it. I do no know if it is possible.

  3. Well it is about time someone in Congress is doing something that should have been done decades ago. The U.N. is an organization that is beyond redemption and belongs on the trash heap of history.

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