UK: Prison bosses spend £25,000 on lunchboxes for Ramadan

* The lights are on, but is anybody home?

Muslim terrorists and criminals have been given £25,000 worth of lunch boxes to keep their meals warm during Ramadan.


 By Chris Irvine /Telegraph UK

The boxes allow prisoners to keep meals warm until darkness when they are allowed to break their fasting period during Ramadan, which started on Monday.

Prison officers at Belmarsh have criticised the move, fearing the 18in long containers, which resemble a tool box, could be used as a weapon.

One prison source told The Sun: “It’s madness to allow dangerous prisoners to have a metal box with handles. These are not petty criminals – these are hardened terrorists.

“In the past they have been given the opportunity to have a container like a small cool box but these things are just a lavish upgrade.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “The purpose of prison is to deprive offenders of their liberty as a punishment for crimes committed against society. It is not there to restrict religious beliefs and practice.

“HMP Belmarsh provide flasks for the Ramadan fast which allows Muslim prisoners to keep food warm for the Iftar (evening meal). They are re-usable and will be used for years to come. Flasks are the most cost effective way of meeting this requirement without disruption to the running of the prison.”


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  1. It is reports like this that make me so pleased I followed the example of
    and wrote to the Inland Revenue informing them that no more Income Tax would be extracted from me whilst the government commit treason.

  2. we have provided food flasks and equipment for HMP and for individuals for a number of years and they are very popular and useful. Our website sells a range of food flasks, lunchboxes and associated bits and bobs

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