Vote for the black guy to prove you’re not racist

*  There is no end to left-wing stupidity. Once again, the Guardian provides the soapbox for it:

From Andrew Bolt:

The Guardian’s Martin Kettle says making Obama president would be America’s way of saying sorry for its racism:

The election of Obama would be, beyond question, one of the noblest gestures of historical redemption that Americans have ever been called upon to make. But that is precisely why it may not happen.

So a black man must be voted in so America can prove it is color blind. An argument as self-contradictory as it is racist. Talk about Kettle and pots.

4 thoughts on “Vote for the black guy to prove you’re not racist”

  1. I encourage white folks to vote for McCain because he’s white. I’m sure Black folks won’t mind since they’re voting for Obama because he’s black.

  2. Vote for Palin – McCain, Oh Bummer and Biden are irrelevant.

    She is the most refreshing thing to happen in world politics for many a generation. They say she has no experience, but the political landscape is littered with the bodies of people who crossed her. Here at last is a Western politician who Putin might respect. And Islam will f*****g HATE her. McCain in ’08 = Palin in ’12 and ’16.

  3. The Obaminations’ skin colour is only relevant because not only is he lying about who he is (he’s not Arican American, he’s classified as Arab Kenyan in Kenya) but because he is using it to try to guilt people into voting for him. Vote for me or you’re a racist. That is dispicable.

    I’m not American but I wouldn’t vote for him EVER. He’s come up thro the Chicago political machine. He’s never had a proper job so how is he going to understand the fears and concerns of ordinary people. His associates range from dodgy to disgusting. He’s a racist – he thought nothing of listening to the Rev Wrights hate filled rants (I refuse to call them sermons) for 20 years and called him his mentor. He’s up to his eyes in Black Liberation Theology. I read up on it and very little shocks me anymore but this was truely appalling -rampant hatred. He has no policies (and just look at his voting record) he isn’t just an empty suit, he’s an empty man, saying whatever he thinks will get him votes from any meeting he attends, no consistancy and flip-flopping almost on a daily basis. That’s just a start.
    His *opinions* on international matters show absolutely no understanding whatsoever – truely terrifying.
    He went on a world trip and acted like he was President – what arrogance (or delusion).
    He would destroy what I love about America and Americans – he is incapable of doing the job.

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