Aussie Schoolies Warned: Stay Away From Bali

Mathew Benns/SMH

THOUSANDS of Australian teenagers planning to visit Bali for schoolies week have been warned to change their plans after Indonesia announced it would execute the Bali bombers.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advised anyone thinking of travelling to Indonesia to “reconsider” travel plans “due to the very high threat of terrorist attack”.

The warning came after the Indonesian Attorney-General announced that the three men responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings would be executed by firing squad next month.

Anxious mother Donna Mossmann from Coffs Harbour said yesterday: “My daughter Samantha is booked to go to Bali for schoolies week and has been told she cannot get her money back because it has not been classed high enough risk.”

The 18-year-old is one of about 100 teenagers from the Coffs Harbour area planning to spend the schoolies period in Kuta.

“Samantha is too scared to back out because she is sharing a room with three of her friends and if she backs out then they will have to pay more,” Mrs Mossmann said. “If something terrible does happen it will be in Kuta, where all these kids are staying.”

National Schoolies Week website social worker Dominic Mapstone said: “Schoolies need to follow the Government’s Smartraveller advice and if that says don’t go to Indonesia then they should change their plans.

“Perhaps they should chat with their parents and see if they will put in some money to see them go to a safe destination. Our advice is – your arse is on the line so don’t go.”

A DFAT spokesman said the travel warning applied to all Australians, including schoolies. “We continue to receive reports indicating that terrorists are planning attacks against a range of targets, including Western interests and places frequented by foreigners,” he said.

Terrorists Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra will be executed for the bombings in which 202 people died. They will be taken into woods at night and shot through the heart. It is feared their execution will spark reprisal attacks.

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  1. Boycott Bali

    1) For your and your family’s own health, safety and liberty.
    2) Because the vast majority of money you spend in / on Bali ends up in the hands of some of the nastiest human rights abusing people in the world.

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