Australia: Muslim Students Demand Exclusive Prayer Room

*  Same old song and dance: Once Islam is established, there’s no more room for filthy kuffars. These Muslim protests are going on for quite a while now at RMIT. We have been reporting this as far back as 25th of May this year.  Why not tell these 1000 Islamic troublemakers that Australia is not an Islamic country, cancel their visas  and  encourage them to leave?


Muslim students protest about prayer room at RMIT

By Mark Dunn/Herald Sun

* The excellent Australian Islamist Monitor has more

* Latest News: Will RMIT Cave In?

UP TO 1000 Muslim students at RMIT are protesting against sharing a multi-faith prayer room with Christians, Jews and worshippers of other faiths.

RMIT Islamic Society vice-president Mohamed Elrafihi said the university had promised Muslim students their own prayer room at the Swanston St campus.

Five refurbished multi-faith prayer rooms — including a foot-wash room for Muslims and a prayer room with Arabic signs and oriented towards Mecca — were opened to students earlier this year.

But Mr Elrafihi said the Islamic-themed prayer room can be booked by other religions, which would interrupt evening Muslim prayer times.

Islamic students have refused to use the new facilities, insisting one room be dedicated for use by Muslims.

“We have nothing against multi-faith, we support multi-faith,” Mr Elrafihi said. (Only if its Islamic, of course/ed)

He said RMIT had misled international students in previous promotions about Muslim prayer facilities.

“The Muslims were promised a dedicated room and that was taken from them. That has caused a lot of stress,” Mr Elrafihi said.

While refusing to use the new prayer facilities for the past eight months, up to 600 Muslim students have been worshipping outdoors each Friday in nearby Bowen St, or on other days on the lawns outside RMIT’s prayer halls in part of the old Melbourne jail.

“There has been days when it has been raining, hail and thunder,” Mr Elrafihi said.

He said Muslim students had nothing against other faiths. (they lie even when they pray/ed)

But he said Jews, Christians and other religions using the centre were small in number and did not need their own dedicated facilities.

He explained that the Muslims were supported by Christian, Jewish and student union groups at the university.

RMIT Vice-Chancellor Professor Joyce Kirk said the university had spent significant resources on accommodating Muslim needs.

“RMIT University respects the rights of its students and staff to practise their chosen religions, and provides space for them to do so,” Prof Kirk said.

“RMIT offers five Muslim-friendly prayer rooms on its Victorian campuses, two in the city, two in Bundoora and one in Brunswick.”

She said the new spiritual centre in the city was specifically designed for Muslim students and staff, with separate female and male prayer rooms, washing facilities and social spaces.

She said several rooms were reserved for Muslims at specified times but conceded they could be booked by other faiths during other periods.

She rejected suggestions the university was in any way discriminating against Muslims.


The excellent Australian Islamist Monitor has more

Muslim Student CardRegardless of our social or religious background, going to university is supposed to offer us a chance to mingle with those of all cultures on an equal footing, where ideas can be exchanged freely. But nothing could be further from the truth.  

In the RMIT pamphlet “Anti-Racism & Religious Tolerance”, it states that “RMIT is committed to building an accepting environment where all staff and students are treated with dignity, respect and where diversity is valued.” In theory one cannot object to any of this, but as we are fully aware, RMIT is possibly the worst offender in regard to privileging a select minority.

In Western Australia, various multiculturalal policies on many campuses are ongoing means of gaining advantages for a select few.  Muslims can apply for a special Muslim Student Card. Maybe having a card detailing that they are a student from UWA or Curtin is just somehow not good enough. Or maybe it has another purpose altogether. A Muslim student can purchase the card on line for the sum of $5, the proceeds going towards: 

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  1. “Australia: Muslim Students Demand Exclusive Prayer Room”

    Prayer rooms for them and none for us in our countries? Geez, I’m still waiting for these assh_les to let me cruise through Mecca in an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!

  2. * Mecca in an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!

    After Ezekiel 38, will B16 tour whats’ left of Mecca in a Popemobile?

  3. I have never understood why we so readily bend over and accommodate these hypocrites when there are imnumerable examples of where the same is not offered in Islamic countries.

    In Saudi Arabia there are real open churches, and you cant takle a bible into the country. In Egypt the copts are being exterminated, and near to hand in Malaysia they are still knocking over Hindu temples on the pretext that when they were built in the 1800’s they didnt have building approval.

    They dont lead by example anywhere.

    But here in good old Oz we bend over so that they can use our freedoms and tolerance against us and the loopy lefty academics in universities oblige.

  4. What are you all talking about? Muslim prayer rooms?

    They’re here, they’re everywhere!

    And they’re segregated into male & female.

    But we call them ‘TOILETS’

    That’s the only place suitable for the shite these koranimals to go on about!!!

  5. I believe Univ. of Michigan set that precedent of taxpayer funded muslim prayer rooms. Kiss the enemies arse and they only want more.

  6. why are we wasting perfectly good possible classrooms, on religious worship? Schools are for Education, Religion should not be involved FOR ANYONE (unless you are at a specific religious specific school.)!!! Secondly why are we catering to people who have essentially just arrived in our country and are demanding things??

  7. You know what is most hilarious about Islam, EARTH IS A SPHERE, so it doesn’t matter what direction you are facing (par a difference of distance to complete the line), you are still facing mecca. Yet they all turn in this MAGICAL correct direction anyway. Rofl so illogical, just like their entire religion.

  8. Send these backward moose limbs back to country of origin. Don’t like Oz? Go home, to Muslim hell hole of choice. Australia doesn’t need ’em. We don’t need their money and we certainly don’t need their religion. Suck up to these hypocrites at our own peril, give them an inch they’ll take a mile. Who wants them here? Left wing traitor chardonnay sippin’ scum. The left wing filth & wacko-demic vermin should be deported with them.

  9. all you people are stupid, stop udjing islam, although there are many muslim idiots out there, that has nothing to do with the religion, and ny the way islam is the correct religion, here is proof.

    there is more if you reserch the quran and pregnancy of women, it describes pregnancy that was revently discovered.

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