Australia: The Price of Halal Exports

Australian Halal brand goes global

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* Sounds good, doesn’t it? Exports are good for Australia, who could argue with that. But what is the real price for these exports if it involves allowing large numbers of (Islamic) halal butchers to settle permanently in Australia, where they instantly, upon arrival,  make demands on the government to build them  large mosques and madrassas?

  • James Ferre/Australian Food News
  • The unique Halal brand that was developed last year by Meat & Livestock Australia for use in the Middle East red meat market has now gone global.The brand, which supports the majority of Australian-produced Halal red meat sold in the Middle East, is now set to appear with Australian red meat sold in Islamic countries around the world.

    *  Laurie builds bridges

    MLA’s Middle East regional manager, Ian Ross said the global expansion of the Halal brand is an important step towards expanding markets for Australian red meat. “With 28 per cent of the world’s population being Muslim, and with most of these people living in countries with growing economies it’s vital the Australian red meat industry positions itself in the best possible way to supply these important markets,” Mr Ross said. “The Halal brand shows that the Australian red meat industry is culturally aware and that we respect the laws of Islam.”

    “Australia is the only country in the world with a globally-endorsed and certified Halal brand underpinned by government legislation.”

    Under Islamic law, for meat to be permissible for consumption, it must be Halal, or lawful, and animals must be slaughtered by a Muslim in accordance with the Islamic ‘Shariah’, or law.

    The MLA-developed Halal brand appears on retail meat packs and point of sale and guarantees that the meat has come from an animal that has been slaughtered according to the strict Islamic Shariah. Under the new arrangement, Halal meat sent from Australia to Islamic countries is accompanied by an official government certificate and stamp which is further endorsed with an authorised Islamic Organisation stamp.

    In Australia, the Halal process is regulated through the Australian Government Authorised Halal Program (AGAHP) by AQIS and is supervised by independent Islamic organisations.

    All Australian Halal meat is labelled as having passed through the AGAH program and this certification is only allowed to be placed on meat that has been processed at a registered Halal certified abattoir.

    Australia currently exports beef, sheepmeat and goatmeat to over 40 Islamic countries, including Indonesia, which is Australia’s fifth largest beef export market. It is estimated that there are over 2 billion Muslims around the world and that the market for Halal products globally is worth $570 billion annually.

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    1. the best bit of exporting Australia could do is exporting all the koranimals. NOT TO THE UK THOUGH!!!

    2. The CEO,
      Although, it is very difficult to explore any business viability in relation to present position of Pakistan.

      However, if interested, please let me know, if you are interested to launch you brand for beef & meat here in Pakistan.

      Looking for joint venture.

      Will submit details of Pakistan Market on your interest. Please note there is no brand of Beaf & Meat here in Pakistan.


      Syed Iqbal Haider

    3. From the RSPCA’s website…r_116.html

      Halal describes what is ‘fit and proper’ for Muslims to eat. It gives a range of beverages and foods (including meat) that are acceptable. Halal food laws are based on interpretation of the Quran, the Muslim scripture. Before halal slaughter, prayers to Allah are required.
      •increased restraint
      •injury caused by the slaughter methods
      •subsequent bleeding out.
      The RSPCA policy on ritual slaughter is clear: STICKING PRIOR TO STUNNING IS INHUMANE AND COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. It is opposed to inhumane methods of killing, religious customs aside, and continues to promote this view to governments and the public

      Shafi Islamic law demands the gullet and windpipe be cut, but not the large vessels–“It is not necessary for the validity of slaughtering to cut the carotid arteries” ……that’s only ‘recommended’ so a live animal could be in agony for a long time …the animal must still BE ALIVE at the end of the cutting or the meat isn’t halal and cannot be eaten…The animal must face Mecca…Allah’s name must be mentioned and the prophet blessed…(Reliance Laws j17.0-17.5 p 364-365.)
      For calves slaughtered by halal methods there is an “average 215 seconds between the cut and unconsciousness, the best figure 132 seconds (more than two minutes), the worst 297.”, ie. between 2 and 5 minutes.
      The halal slaughtering methods means that the animal is killed by cutting the carotid without stunning, it is the only method that Muslims accept.

    4. and here is apart of an article from “The Land News ”
      read the full report on line.
      Mid-East princess in plea to Rudd on halal slaughter
      02 Nov, 2009 06:43 AM
      THE King of Jordan’s sister has appealed to the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to stop the ritual slaughter of conscious animals for halal meat in Australia, saying it was not necessary under Islamic principles.
      Princess Alia bint al-Hussein of Jordan, who is the sister of King Abdullah II of Jordan, said she had written to Mr Rudd saying that any lowering of animal welfare standards in Australia for religious reasons would be a blow to the country’s reputation and undermine progress in the Middle East.
      “Contrary to some claims, killing without stunning is not necessary under Islamic principles,” she said.
      The Australian standard on ritual slaughter for halal and kosher meat states that animals must first be rendered unconscious by electrical stunning before their throats are cut.
      But under a disputed federal guideline, the Government has allowed at least four Victorian abattoirs exemptions to kill without stunning to fulfil Middle Eastern export contracts over the past two years.
      “Reducing [Australia’s] standards to permit animals to be slaughtered while fully conscious may meet the personal preferences of a minority but it is not an example that will inspire positive change, nor encourage the acceptance of pre-slaughter stunning in the Middle East,” she said.
      The Primary Industries Ministerial Council of federal and state agriculture ministers will meet in Perth on Friday to discuss the issue, but opponents of killing without stunning are concerned exemptions will be allowed to continue or the standard will be changed.
      The previous government ordered a review of ritual slaughter in 2007, but the present Minister for Agriculture, Tony Burke, has not released the review report and is yet to decide on the issue.
      Princess Alia said she believed Mr Rudd had a genuine interest in animal welfare and had assisted Jordan with upgrading equipment previously provided by Australia that she considered inhumane at the main abattoir in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

      Australia exports 1.3 million tonnes of red meat, of which 382,000 tonnes is certified halal.

    5. Seeing how islamists behave under guidance of their “holy” book, is the agony that animals are forced to suffer on account of pure muslim selfishness a surprise??

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