Confirmed: British wakademics most delusional in the world!

News flash from the UK: Jihad to end by 2038

The Islamic jihad as a program of Sharia expansionism began in the 7th century in Arabia. Today’s jihadists consider themselves to be only the latest warriors in a 1,400-year-old struggle. But here is some good news from the UK: that 1,400-year-old struggle will end by 2038!


This will be a miracle of immense proportions: an ancient and deeply entrenched ideology that is aggressively asserting itself all over the globe today will — with what is from a historical perspective an amazing suddenness — evanesce and disapear utterly. And the most amazing part of this is that this ideology will disappear without even being challenged. Apparently no one has to confront the jihad ideology or Islamic supremacism as such for them to be defeated by 2038. All we have to do is continue “anti-terror” efforts, and the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims will take care of the rest.

What’s that? Peaceful Muslims aren’t confronting the spread of the jihad ideology now, so why should we assume that they will begin doing so, and indeed, defeat it within three decades? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

* As we can see in the picture above, the Muzz has quite another idea: they will assimilate YOU!

“MoD scientists ‘deployed in UK,'” from the BBC, October 21 (thanks to JW):

Scientists from Porton Down have been deployed in the UK a “number of times this year”, the government’s head of counter-terrorism has told MPs.The lab mainly specialises in nuclear and biological warfare but the reason for the deployments is not known.

Brigadier Chip Chapman told a committee of MPs he could not go into details for national security reasons.

The Commons defence committee is probing the UK’s level of readiness for a terrorist or other emergency.

Lord West said ministers did not know the location and capability of all deployable troops in the UK at any one time but he was confident they could find out “straight away” in the event of an emergency….


How reassuring!

Brigadier Chapman told MPs “immediate response” teams from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) had been deployed on a number of occasions in the past year.”The number of occasions they have been used and the circumstances I can not go into in this forum,” said Brig Chapman, director of counter-terrorism and UK operations at the ministry of defence.

The DSTL, which is based in Wiltshire, is the UK’s leading biological and chemical defence research centre.

It also develops a range of other technologies for military and civilian use, including X-ray scanning equipment and armour.

On the broader question of whether the UK was prepared for a major incident, Lord West confessed he did not know how many hospital beds could be made available in the event of an emergency of the order of 10,000 deaths.

But he said the Department of Health “would know” the figures and plans would be coordinated by the government’s emergency planning committee Cobra.


The security minister also said progress was being made on preventing young people becoming “radicalised” but he said it was going to be a long process.

He said he accepted Britain’s foreign policy was a “problem” for some young Muslims but the government was now “engaging” with them.


Imagine how surprised he will be when Britain changes its foreign policy to suit its Muslim population, and then discovers that Muslim “youth” are still being “radicalized.” But no initiative is being made to address the jihad ideology as such. It’s all about trying to “engage” with Muslims so as to accommodate Muslim “anger” over British foreign policy.

“This isn’t going to change just like that. To stop this radicalisation and extremism is going to take – and I get into trouble for saying this – about 30 years, I think….

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  1. Calling the Government terrorists while they hide behind symbols of terrorism, making terrorist threats, perform terrorism against non Muslim British citizens.

    Why can’t we all just be terrorists? Terrorism is all I see…

    Sheik you need to write a new song.


  2. * Confirmed: British wakademics most delusional in the world!

    Maybe so, but they will get some stiff competition from Oz.

    “It’s Time” is back! This time, for a Bill of Rights for Australia, according to
    Julian Burnside QC

    (Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre)
    It’s Time. A Bill of Rights for Australia
    To be delivered by Julian Burnside, QC

    Thursday 13 November 2008

    Julian Burnside has said:
    “Australia needs a Bill of Rights. The time has passed when we could safely
    assume that parliament would never pass laws which offended decent values.”

    And who does Julian, QC, associate with?

    Australians All
    Justice, Security, a Fair Go

    Dr Ameer Ali
    Waleed Aly
    Gary Bouma
    Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser
    Hon. Barry Jones
    Shujat Mantoo
    Ali Roude
    Nada Roude
    Professor Abdullah Saeed
    Professor Amin Saikal
    Commissioner Yasser Soliman
    Associate Professor Samina Yasmeen
    (and so on)

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