Criminals make good Muslims…

* Muslims make good criminals: prison da’awa in full swing. How to recognize Muslim radicalization in prisons: Security officials from several European countries have developed a manual to help prison authorities prevent their jailhouses from becoming incubators for Muslim extremists.



Long beards: biggest giveaway

More on the phenomenon of radical Islam’s spread in prisons. “Manual outlines Muslim radicalization in prisons,” by Elaine Ganley for AP,  via JW

* Fitzgerald: Muslim “over-representation” in prisons

* Terrorists target prisoners in Wales

PARIS (AP) — Security officials from several European countries have developed a manual to help prison authorities prevent their jailhouses from becomingincubators for Muslim extremists. 

The manual, developed by France, Germany and Austria, includes signs that may indicate that a prisoner was becoming radicalized, including the presence of a growing beard. A prison group feared the manual could stigmatize Muslim inmates.

The document was distributed at a two-day closed-door conference of European security experts that ended Wednesday. It will be given to prison personnel.

Prisons “can be a facilitator and an accelerator” of radicalization and inmates are often “strongly destabilized” and therefore malleable, said Christophe Chaboud, head of France’s Anti-Terrorist Coordination Unit.

“It is not a question of religion but of confrontation with the West,” Chaboud said in a telephone interview.

Islam is the second-largest religion in France and, while there are no official figures available, Muslims make up a large part of the inmate population — the majority in some prisons.

A disproportionate number of Muslims can be found in prisons in other European Union countries.[…]

Experts say radicalization can range from an interest in religious books to hostility toward non-Muslims seen in a refusal to shower with them. Several top officials said new beards were one warning sign.[…]

The spokesman for the International Prison Observatory, Hugues de Suremain, voiced fears the manual could further stigmatize Muslim inmates, who lack the range of religious benefits provided to Christians.

Exactly which “benefits” are those?

France began massive arrests of Islamic militants linked to insurgents in Algeria after deadly bombings in subways and elsewhere that began in 1995 and terrorized the nation. 

But it was only in 2004 that authorities began to act on the simmering threat posed by jailed extremists looking to turn even non-practicing Muslim inmates into radicals and recruit for their cause

Fitzgerald: Muslim “over-representation” in prisons

Muslims are not only “over-represented” in prisons, but they also find prisons the perfect place to conduct Da’wa among the indigenous non-Muslims. The latter, for whom life has proven to be simply too much, may well welcome the Total Regulation of Life (do this, don’t do that) that Islam provides. And what’s more, Islam justifies their past, present, and future criminal behavior, insofar as it is directed — and how! — against Infidels. More than one imam has suggested that helping yourself to the property of Infidels without their permission is simply to be seen as helping oneself to the Jizyah that is owed, but until Muslims rule, cannot be forcibly extracted.

Furthermore, the more Muslims there are, and the more they are known for their solidarity, their violence, and their aggression, the more likely it is that non-Muslims, unless they are absolutely certain of being in the great majority, will — out of fear, or out of a desire to turn aside Muslim wrath — make themselves more accessible to and even more likely to accept the message of Muslim proselytizers. These proselytizers may be prison chaplains, paid for of course by the Infidel state, or fellow prisoners who are Muslims, eager to win points in Heaven by making more converts — that is, signing up more recruits for the Army of Islam.

Muslim prisoners, where they are not native-born citizens, such as those at Guantanamo, should be deported. They are too expensive to maintain. And they will use their time in prison to conduct Da’wa — in other words, to further the Jihad by spreading Islam. We can’t have that. It does us harm. We cannot keep pretending that Islam is only, or mainly, a “religion.” It isn’t. Start making sense. Start segregating Muslim prisoners in special prisons or sections of prisons so that they cannot conduct Da’wa. And subject them to as much counter-Da’wa as is possible. For a few, if given the chance to read Ali Sina, Ibn Warraq, and others, the arguments against this belief-system which so obviously lends itself to totalitarianism, as a Total Regulation and Total Explanation, may finally win them over.

Listen to Spinoza, Hume, Voltaire, Diderot, Tocqueville, John Quincy Adams, Churchill, and others less known (from Ricoldo da Montecroce, a Dominican who knew all about Islam, on up). Ignore those who pooh-pooh the cassandra cries. Cassandra was right.

People will vary on what they think explains the incredible negligence of political and media elites in Europe, over the past three to four decades of virtually unhindered Muslim migration into almost every Western country. People will vary on what they think should now be done to deal with the consequences of that migration, and on what makes sense, and what is merely whistling in the dark.

But no one who is both intelligent and well informed can deny the truth of the following sentence:

The large-scale presence of Muslims in the countries of Western Europe has led to a situation that, for both the indigenous non-Muslims and for other, non-Muslim immigrants, is more unpleasant, more expensive, and more physically dangerous, than would be the case without that large-scale Muslim presence.

Take that last sentence. Admit its truth. And now refresh your memory about a statistic or two. Recall, for example, that in 1960 there were 1,500 Muslims in The Netherlands; in 1970, 1500; in 1997, 400,000; in 2008, more than one million. Recall as well the great and continuing spread between Muslim and non-Muslim birthrates. Ask yourself what it costs the welfare states to support these huge families, which take advantage of every conceivable benefit, and then some, even as they fill up the prisons, and of course keep the security services and the attendant personnel (detectives, judges, lawyers) expensively occupied.

Now ask yourself whether or not the legal and political institutions, the social arrangements, the museums and universities, the architectural monuments, all of the artifacts that are the result of the freedom of artistic expression and the encouragement of free and skeptical inquiry (philosophical, scientific) that are, in every conceivable way, flatly contradicted by the letter and spirit of the Sharia, of Islam, are worth preserving. And if so, what do you think should be done to preserve them? What is licit, and what do you think is not licit? Ask yourself. Think.

Now please — write on only one side of the blue book.

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  1. ROMANS-SUR-ISÈRE, France (AP) — A French police officer was shot and wounded during clashes with youths that broke out after a teenager was killed in a car crash while fleeing the police, the authorities said Tuesday.

    The police used tear gas and rubber-coated pellets to push back about 50 people during clashes late Monday and early Tuesday.

    In an effort to prevent a second night of violence, about 300 riot police officers and gendarmes took up positions around the center of Romans-sur-Isère, 60 miles east of Lyon in the Rhone Valley.

    Some officers were brought in from neighboring regions.

    The wounded officer appeared to have been shot in the leg with a hunting rifle, the police prefecture said. The officer’s life was not in danger. Dents from bullets and buckshot were also found in police vehicles nearby.

    The violence broke out after a 16-year-old was killed after driving a stolen car into a wall while fleeing the police. Four other minors in the car were injured.

    France again

    Accidents involving the police and youths have been potentially explosive in France since riots in 2005 that were set off by the deaths of two teenagers electrocuted in a power substation while hiding from the police.

    Jean-Pierre Nahon, a prosecutor in the regional capital, Valence, said a police watchdog agency would investigate the latest episode.

    Mr. Nahon said that, according to a preliminary investigation, the five teenagers had stolen the car overnight and were driving at high speed through the center of Romans-sur-Isère when the police began chasing them. The driver took a sharp turn and lost control of the car, running into a wall.

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