Islamic Morality: gambling? No way! Armed kidnapping? Fine.

Casablanca/ Ingushetia, Russia


Casablanca is one of our favorite movies.  And one of our favorite quotes is from the chief of police:

Rick:  How can you close me up? On what grounds? 
Captain Renault:  I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here! 
[a croupier hands Renault a pile of money] 
Croupier:  Your winnings, sir. 
Captain Renault:  [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much. 
[aloud]  Everybody out at once!

Morality: gambling? No way! Armed kidnapping? Fine.

“Gunmen kidnap up to 15 in Russia’s Ingushetia,” from Reuters,

NAZRAN, Russia (Reuters) – Armed men drove into Russia’s Ingushetia region and abducted up to 15 people including policemen from a checkpoint and a slot machine parlour, police and witnesses said on Friday.

Witnesses said the gunmen, dressed in camouflage, entered Ingushetia from neighbouring Chechnya late on Thursday and presented themselves as police officers. Chechen authorities said they had nothing to do with the raid.

Islamist groups fighting an insurgency in Ingushetia against Moscow’s rule frequently target gambling halls and shops selling alcohol, saying they contradict Islam….


One thought on “Islamic Morality: gambling? No way! Armed kidnapping? Fine.”

  1. It is the ‘logic’ of islam. Basically, islam’s text say it is ok to kill, kidnap, etc – that is why mohammed had to redefine sin due to the fact that he and his followers broke most rules about sin. He was a pagan so didn’t have the 10 Commandments, but most religions don’t sanction killing and other things that mohammed and his followers did.

    The thing we got to remember is that if it is ok with mohammed, then it is ok and not sinful, but if it isn’t ok with mohammed then it is sinful. Those are the redefinitions of sin, per mohammed.

    I don’t have all the rules of halal and haram, but nothing surprises me anymore. Just remember that it is ok in islam to break what most religions recognize as sin – if mohammed said it is ok. Even islam is mohammed’s old pagan religion so distorted that he took a relatively benign religion and made it into a bloodthirsty, despicable ‘religion’ which is more of a political movement than a religion. If muslims have to lie to defend it – they will. If they have to censor any discussion of it so they don’t have to defend it – they will. Whatever it takes…

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