Layla wakes up from her coma

Laura Bashraheel | Arab News

JEDDAH: Layla, a 13-year-old girl who was in King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital in Taif in an unconscious state after allegedly abused by her father, woke from her coma two days ago.

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An official spokesman for the Health Department in Taif, Siraj Al-Humaidan, said that she was in a stable condition now and that she was getting better day by day. “Layla is talking to those around her and she recognizes people,” he told Arab News.

Layla’s kidneys were not functioning earlier and she underwent surgery. “Her kidneys are now functioning properly,” the spokesman added. He also said that her body is responding to treatment quickly.

“However, the most important thing after her recovery is her psychological well-being,” he added.

“We haven’t spoken about her father yet. We want to focus on her feelings and emotions more than anything else. There is a social specialist who is following her condition and examining her,” said Al-Humaidan.

Layla was tortured for a month and wounds were left untreated for a long time, which caused infection and poisoning. She suffered from gangrene in her legs but after surgical procedures, her legs were saved.

The Taif police have banned anyone from visiting Layla in hospital until her condition is completely stabilized. “Hopefully, after her psychological state has improved, we will allow people to visit. Also, her wounds and scars need more time to heal and maybe she will also require plastic and reconstructive surgery,” said Al-Humaidan.

The case is still being investigated and the father has confessed that he is the one responsible for his daughter’s injuries. Layla’s parents are divorced and her mother lives in Egypt. Also, it is said that she asked her father to let her go and live with her mother and that he refused and began to abuse her.



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    It is much better to learn about your enemy from him than from his enemies. That way you can be sure you are not reading any distortions. This is the most moderate site aimed at the west, consider this and ask yourself what the others are saying.

  2. What is wrong with these muslim men ?- abusing and killing their daughters all over the world, only because they want something else than their fathers – This one should be put in a cell, a they should throw the key away, but i is not likely to happen in a Muslim country –

  3. Her father ‘abused’ her.

    Sounds more like he ‘tortured’ her. The uncivilized, barbaric git!

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