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The Iraqi government is asking Christians to remain in Iraq, but is doing nothing to stop them from being slaughtered”

There are promises of action from the prime minister, but it would be pleasantly surprising to see concrete steps taken faster than could be measured on the scale of geological eras. “More violence in Mosul: father and son killed because they were Christian,” from AsiaNews,

Afghanistan: Infidels try to win Muslim “hearts and minds” by offering money


Or, from an Islamic perspective, jizya: “Payment to Afghan Governor’s family part of bid to win ‘hearts and minds,'” fromABC News

* The jiziyah flows freely, but the hearts and minds are not coming around…

* Once A Sign Of Hope, Afghan Highway Becomes A Taliban Hunting Ground

* Pakistan rejects ‘America’s war’ on extremists

Members of religious party Jamaat e-Islami yesterday at a protest against US airstrikes along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.

The jihad on Egypt’s Christians

The little known but miserable facts of being Christian and living in Egypt. “The jihad on Egypt’s Christians,” by Michael Coren for the National Post

Cat Stevens’ Yussuf Islam’s Israel appearance nixed

* Why would anyone have this PoS in Israel anyhow? He should try to get a gig in Hamastan where they can all sing along, something like “itbach al Yahood!”

An appearance in Israel by Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam was canceled for security reasons.

The British singer, a convert to Islam also known as Yusuf Islam, was scheduled to appear at an upcoming 10th anniversary event for the Peres Center for Peace. JTA News

* Weekly Commentary: The grave mistake of rewarding Palestinian noncompliance


“The idea to bring Stevens to Israel sparked a huge row the moment it was made public, and we sent his passport number to a conventional security check,” Peres Center director Uri Savir told Ynet. “We took the matter into consideration and decided to cancel this idea.”  

Stevens was last denied entry to Israel eight years ago during an airport security check.

“He may have supported Hamas once, but the fact that a singer who converted to Islam wants to come to Israel and express his support for peace and we’re not letting him do so infuriates me,” the show’s producer, Irit Tenhangel, told Ynet.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-all infidels out of the ummah. Leave the cesspool to the turds before they smother you.

  2. I notice our politicians are very quiet about outrages in Iraq these days. Can’t offend
    “sensibilities”, I guess.

  3. John Sobieski Says:
    October 24th, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    “Israel is as bad as the US, why are they letting this jihadist come to Israel anyway? The US let him in as well. Pathetic.”

    Because “blind peace” in the name of Liberal Utopian pipedreams sees no evil, only “misunderstandings” in people’s religions, motives & character. If we just offer them the olive branch they’ll be nice to us…

    Yeah uh huh. Just like Chamberlain played nice with Hitler before WWII.

    That is like trying to be “one” with cancer in your body, after all doesn’t those malignant cells just want to “co-exist” with the rest? Obviously Islam is a terminal cancer to the civilized world.

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