Obama's Loss Traced To Rosie R.

Single Nonvoter Tipped Election To McCain-Palin Ticket

The Obaminator on the “Redistribution of Wealth”

Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered

The Wikipedia page for Rashid Khalidi is being edited to cover up Barack Obama’s associations with the former PLO spokesman: Revision history of Rashid Khalidi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

2 thoughts on “Obama's Loss Traced To Rosie R.”

  1. Try googling “wealth redistribution”. Here’s just one of many.Excerpt:


    “Above all of this chaos they see Government – a knight in shinning armor. They believe that the government – the largest corporation in the country – should step into the capitalistic fray and bring equality to everyone’s wealth. In a sense, they work to morph government into a sort of “Robin Hood” – a all-powerful entity that taxes the rich in order to feed the poor. This is what is commonly referred to as “Redistribution of Wealth”.

    There are various levels of socialist thought, from the die-hard communists to democratic socialists to progressive liberals. The methods for achieving economic utopia vary from group to group, but they all employ the same basic principles. They all want to use the power of government to take goods and services from the ‘haves’, and transfer their plunder to the ‘have-nots’. They all strive towards the same goal – economic equality. They only differ in the level of government supremacy they believe will be required in order to achieve their goal.”

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