Omar Bakri: "I will retaliate…"

Omar Bakri warns foreign media against ‘defaming’ him

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Beirut – Radical Sunni Muslim Sheikh Omar Bakri warned Wednesday all foreign media and especially the British press against defaming his “image and the image of Islam.””I warn the foreign media if they continue with such stories about me and my family that I will retaliate with the right harsh means,” Bakri told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

* Hate preacher Bakri’s new 26-year-old wife is younger than his pole-dancer daughter

Bakri was referring to British media reports that his daughter was a pole dancer in London and that he had married to a Lebanese woman younger than his daughters.

“This is a campaign against me personally, and Islam in general,” Bakri said.

* So this headbanger is the ultimate authority to speak for Islam?


Bakri demanded a DNA test for the girl that British media said was his daughter.


“My daughters are all veiled, and I was separated from my first wife three years ago, and got married to a new Lebanese lady who is not younger than my daughters,” Bakri said angrily.


Bakri, said that his daughters were brought up properly in the Muslim faith and that Yasmin or Yussra who claims to be his daughter is not one of his family members.


Yasmin or Yussra Fostok, 27, who claimed to be one of Bakri’s daughters, is a single mother and she has admitted that she performs in London bars and nightclubs.


Fostok, who lives in Catford, South London, said: “I don’t get on with my dad. I don’t agree with his views – I just get on with my life and that is it.”


She has changed her Muslim name Yussra to Yasmin, dyed her hair blonde and has a three-year-old son who was conceived during an arranged marriage to a Turkish man which has since collapsed.


Her father, who has been living in Lebanon since he was exiled from Britain three years ago, said “this is an ugly campaign against Islam.”


Bakri sparked outrage for his preaching of hate when he praised the 9/11 bombers and said he would “never condemn Osama bin Laden or any Muslims.”

Hate preacher Bakri’s new 26-year-old wife is younger than his pole-dancer daughter

By Julie Moult
Last updated at 7:26 PM on 08th October 2008

A pole-dancing daughter with breast implants and a second wife less than half his age.

Sounds like just the kind of dysfunctional family radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed so despised when he lived in the UK.

But it has emerged the preacher of hatred had more in common with the rest of us than he would perhaps like to admit.


Split: Omar Bakri and ex-wife, Hanah, right; he has now married a 26-year-old 

For just weeks after revelations about his wayward daughter Yasmin dancing topless in bars, he has admitted to taking a new Lebanese wife named Ruba.

Yasmin Fostok   

Daughter: Yasmin, 27, who was recently revealed to be a pole dancer

At just 26 years old she is almost half his 50 years.

Dark-haired Ruba was introduced to him a year ago as a potential bride and they married soon after.

The strict Muslim moved in to his luxury home in the outskirts of Beirut and now takes care of his ten year-old son Bilal.

And her new husband can’t wait to add to his family so he can ‘conquer the whole world,’ he told the Daily Mail in typical fashion.

‘My first wife and I separated, she was not happy in Beirut. I decide to stay here,’ he said on Wednesday.

‘Yes I have married again nine months ago. We do not have a service like you have in the West but we were married according to Islamic Law.

‘My new wife is a practising Muslim like my old wife.

‘Both women have a good relationship, they are very good friends and speak to each other regularly.’

When asked if there were children on the horizon he said not yet but that he hoped for more in the future.

‘We plan to have children to conquer the whole world and the UK.’

Mr Bakri ditched his first wife Hanah, 48, because she had difficulty adjusting to life in Beirut which was thrust upon her when her husband fled Britain in 2006.

The couple – who have six children together – had been living in London since 1985 when he was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK after he gained political asylum.

He became a thorn in the side of the authorities as he raked in hundreds of thousands of pounds in benefits for his growing family while running the radical al Muhajiroun group from Tottenham in north London where he preached anti-Western bile.

Syrian-born Bakri was eventually forced out of the UK after saying the British people brought the 7/7 outrages on themselves and heaped praise on the ‘magnificent’ September 11 hijackers.

Last month it was revealed that his 27-year-old daughter Yasmin Fostock was an exotic-dancing, single mother who had rebelled against her upbringing.

She was placed under police protection after she was threatened by followers of her father for bringing shame on him.

On Wednesday he denied Yasmin was his child.

‘I do not know who this person is, if she wants to come over to Lebanon and take DNA tests then I am willing to do this.’

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