The head of an "immigrant gang" calls on a rival gang to hand over three members for "punishment"

Calls for blood-money in Copenhagen:

Muzz demands four million kroner for slain gang member,  otherwise Hells Angels “will be erased from the map within two months.”

Copenhagen Post


The head of the International Club immigrant gang wants the Hells Angels biker gang to hand over three men he says are responsible for the murder of a young immigrant.

‘Hells Angels must deliver them to the Nørrebro or Tingbjerg gang, where the gang will decide what to do with them,’ said Danny Abdalla from the state prison in Vridsløselille.

Abdalla told B.T. newspaper that the men face punishment for the loss of Osman Nuri Dogan – the 19-year-old who was murdered in Copenhagen on 14 August.

A member of the Hells Angels support group AK-81 has been charged with the shooting.
Abdalla said that the ‘delivery’ of this man, plus the two others responsible for the attack, would lead to a resolution between the gangs.

He also wants the Hells Angels to pay four million kroner in compensation to Dogan’s family. If the Hells Angels do not meet the demands, the immigrant gangs would seek revenge, Abdalla said.

The International Club has been trying to force the Hells Angels out of the illegal drug market in Jutland for years, and Abdalla said that they support their fellow immigrant gangs in Copenhagen. Despite being incarcerated he has been keeping abreast of the ongoing situation.

‘We know that the Hells Angels planned to murder leading immigrants…if they continue with those plans they will be erased from the map within two months.’ (kr)

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  1. What a confusing story-the Koranist group is the real Hell’s Angels as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I support the Hells Angels on this. I suspect that if the Angels get serious the bloody gutless muslim thugs will be dead in 2 months. GO THE ANGELS!!!!!!

    Adballa, more muslims are going the way of DoneDog Dogan – GET USED TO IT OR GET OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. * The head of the International Club immigrant gang …

    But immigrants don’t form gangs. They’re just very sociable, and it’s part of their culture.
    Just ask VicPol.

  4. Message to hells angels: u came in my block that wont be forgotten, u brought ur ak gun that wont be forgotten, u aimed at us all that wont be forgotten, u took a life THAT WONT BE FORGOTTEN!!! U MESSED UP BIG TIME! DIE MOTHAFUCKASS! No1 and i mean no1 will rest untill HELL ANGELS ARE’NT SENT BACK TO HELL! Thats not a threat its a promise from TINGBJERGs crew!

  5. I hope the Bandidos can get together with the HAMC on this one and snuff out the ragheads.

  6. TingbjergThug,
    Get out of Europe while you can, you filthy murdering muslim thug.
    Like all muslims – you cannot write – you cannot think – you cannot work – you can only threaten and murder unarmed and unprepared people, Muslims are detested in Denmark, but the spineless government has not yet realised this.

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