U.S. told to "restore trust in Muslim world" by Arabs & Western hirelings

* Gee, why didn’t anyone ever think of this before?  Its not as if Arabs or Muslims ever had anything to do with the global jihad and the 11.000 terror attacks in the name of Islam since 9/11, let alone 1400 years of jihad warfare against the world. Its all our fault! So lets just give our oppressed  Arab-Muslim friends what they want and we can all sing ‘kumbayah’ together till the cows come home!  Its the U.S. that “needs to restore trust”- the latest in inverted befuddlement:

By Bonnie James

The US has been urged “to rebuild the trust it has squandered over the years with citizens of the Muslim world, and back off its heavy-handed approach to democratisation in the region.”

* Translation: we don’t want any democracy. Don’t interfere in our little fiefdoms. Let us interfere in yours/ed

Slick little lobbyist for Muhammedan causes: Stephen R Grand

These suggestions are part of ‘The Doha Compact – New Directions: America and the Muslim World’ which seeks to encapsulate the ideas developed at the 5th annual US-Islamic World Forum held in February this year and make recommendations for the next US administration.

The event hosted by the Brookings Institution and Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs saw participation by about 200 American and Muslim world leaders (?) to explore how to chart a new direction in the relationship.
The publication was released to the media yesterday in Doha by Saban Center at Brookings’ the Brookings Project on US Relations with the *
Islamic World director Stephen R Grand ahead of its release in the US.

* A bunch of Arab hirelings, a lobby group for the Islamic cause/ed

“The Doha Compact, signed by 46 prominent delegates argues that the upcoming election of a new American President presents a moment of great opportunity for the US and leaders from the Muslim world to recast their mutual relations toward a partnership based on common interests and mutual respect,” he said.

“Regardless of who gets elected as the US President, there is going to be a change in policy commitments,” Grand stated while observing that the objective of the recommendations is to ensure that the next generation of leaders from the US and the Muslim world understand each other.

The Doha Compact calls for four broad changes in how the US and the Muslim world approach one another. They are:

1. A new style of foreign policy focused less on an ‘Axis of Evil’ and more on building ‘Partnerships of Equals’ to address shared challenges. * Arabs are not “equal” and they never will be/ed
2. Jointly addressing the conflicts that have long divided the US and the Muslim world, as they have a shared interest in resolving them peacefully.
* Which means the US should allow the Arabs to destroy Israel/ed
3. The US needs to understand that one of the key problems deepening divisions with the Muslim world has been ‘How Muslims perceive how the West perceives them.’ * Which simply means the U.S. must back off from doing anything that interferes with the global jihad/ed

4. The US and the Muslim world should partner in improving education and investing in people, so as to unleash the full talents and potential of the region’s citizenry. * Another call for unhindered Islamic immigration and subversion of the West/ed

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  1. Just look into that man’s eyes and say the this word very slowly over and over….

    “d-h-i-m-m-i, d-h-i-m-m-i, d-h-i-m-m-i”

    He looks like a lost puppy deep in the forest, hearing the howl of the wolves closing in on him. What a sad tool.

  2. While we’re at it, let the US apologize for Pearl Harbor and pay reparations for WW2, the UK should apologize for the Blitz and the Jews can apologize for the Holocaust.

    The only thing the US should be sorry for is for helping find oil in the Mideast. Once that happened, the die was cast for the eventual enslavement of the West by 7th century primitives who were given inordinate power over its economy. Had the West not found oil there all those crazies and idiots would now be spending their days reading their stupid Korans and spending their nights engaged in bestiality for lack of any wealth whatsoever.

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