Afghanistan: Talibs grab a New York Slimes Reporter


Afghanistan: American journalist kidnapped by Taliban/but he is their friend, he is on their side/ed

Kabul, 11 Nov. (AKI) – By Syed Saleem Shahzad – An American journalist was kidnapped by Taliban militants in the Afghan province of Logar, located 60 kilometres south of the capital Kabul. David Rohde, a journalist working for the US daily The New York Times, was abducted along with his driver and interpreter by a Taliban group known as Siraj Haqqani and has been taken to eastern Afghanistan, sources told Adnkronos International (AKI). 

War-torn Afghanistan has seen a surge in kidnappings of foreigners by Taliban militants recently. On Monday, Canadian journalist Mellissa Fung was freed in Kabul after being held in captivity for four weeks by militants.

6 thoughts on “Afghanistan: Talibs grab a New York Slimes Reporter”

  1. Yikes..the last time Tali’s nabbed a reporter they turned it into some nasty ho named “Yvonne.”

  2. That nasty ho named “Yvonne.” was tithe to at least two sand vermin prior to being bagged, ragged and shagged by the Taliban, and she claims it was not until after she was bagged, ragged and shagged she reverted to islam

    HO HO she really pulled a fast one there, and the dimwits fell for her BS

    She was not the only one who shot to fame after being “kidnapped”

    Johnston is regarded by the BBC as a respected, experienced journalist, and due to his local knowledge, he was someone other journalists would turn to for information when in Gaza. Prior to being kidnapped however, Johnston was not a journalist well known to the general public.

    What was not know to the general public was that he just happened to be a muslim.
    Prior to his kidnapping, nobody there was a policy not to negotiate with Hamas. The BBC and the turned up full volume, and really gave the world their BBC/Palliwood charade nonstop air time , thus giving the government an excuse to get all cuddly and negotiate with Hamas

    I always felt there was some very wrong with the whole affair, and it was this article that puts everything into perspective

    British ministers and political leaders extolled Muslim achievements in the UK at the annual ceremony for the latest The Muslim News Awards for Excellence in London on Tuesday.

    Among the winners were Sadiq Khan MP, Minister in the Government Whip’s Office, Amir Khan, the IBF inter-continental and Commonwealth Lightweight Boxing Champion and BBC correspondent Alan Johnston, who was detained in Gaza for nearly four months last year.

    “These awards celebrate the achievements of British Muslims in all walks of life. They identify Muslim achievers and highlight the wonderful contribution that British Muslims make,” Prime Minister Gordon Brown said.

  3. Shiva..thanks for the info. As for “Englanistan,” most of us have scratched Merry Ole off to being another Islamic nation.

  4. Thanks Shiva.

    You’re right: she (Yvonne) was already a Muzz before she was guest of the Taliban. Interesting point. And that Alan Johnston affair makes sense now. That SOB is a Muzz too. Amazing that Al Bebeeceera was hiding it then and got away with it.

    Disgusting really…

  5. I guess we all missed that one about Al Johnson, I suspected something like that at the time, I even did a few google searches such as “Alan Johnson muslim” but drew up blank, it was only because I googled for ” Famous British muslims” for info about something else, that I stumbled across this.

    To say it is disgusting is putting it a bit mild, because at the time, there was a stop with Europe negotiating with Hamas. It was this affair that led the British government to start talks with Hamas, thus opening the door for them to come in from the cold

    During the time Johnson was shacking up with Pali, the BBC where bombarding us , screaming for his release, yet not much was said about the Israeli soldiers who where being held captive

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