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THE family of two Islamist extremists executed this week for the 2002 Bali bombings criticised an Indonesian website for publishing close-up photos of them in funeral shrouds, a report said today.

Family condemns photos of dead Bali bombers on Ar Rahmah website

* Muslim cleric critical of suicide bombers quickly put down

Pictures of the faces of brothers Amrozi and Mukhlas as well as ringleader Imam Samudra after they were executed by firing squad on November 9 appeared today on the Islamist Ar Rahmah website.

The photos were captioned with text in Arabic and Indonesian praising the murderers as the “martyrs of the battle of Bali”.

Amrozi’s and Mukhlas’s eyes were open but Samudra’s were shut.

“The family has been trying to anticipate this as best as we can but in the end the photos were stolen,” Mohammad Chozin, the elder brother of Amrozi and Mukhlas, told Detikcom news website.

“The family hasn’t had the chance yet to ask Ar Rahman about this,” he said.

Lawyer Fahmi Bachmid said the images were published against the will of the dead bombers.

“I haven’t been called by the family, but it’s true that in the will given to the family it is not permitted to take photos of the bodies,” Mr Bachmid was quoted as saying.


Echoes of Bali

by Baron Bodissey


Below is a guest-essay by Zenster, who is a regular reader and commenter at Gates of Vienna. It concerns the recent execution of the Bali bombers in Indonesia.

Echoes of Bali
by Zenster

“There’ll probably be retaliation. What is clear is that no drop of Muslim blood is free. It has consequences,” said [Bali Bomber Sympathizer] Ganna, 26, who traveled 90 kilometers (56 miles) from Jakarta to [imam Samudra’s hometown of] Serang to show his support. [emphasis added]

AmroziPerpetrators of the Bali Atrocity have finally been executed in Indonesia. The bodies have been returned to their home villages amid wide spread outrage over the executions. Almost entirely absent in this outpouring is any grief or regret over the almost two hundred non-Muslim lives lost on October the twelfth in 2002. Any of the limited anger and condemnation being directed at these heinous cretins is solely because their horrific mass murder took Muslim lives. The overall lack of embarrassment in there being such an outcry over fewer than twenty Muslim deaths as compared to almost 200 non-Muslims goes largely unnoticed. Even though Indonesia’s own pro-Islamic government imposed the capital punishment of these three murderers, there are still cries for Dire Revengeâ„¢ against the West.

There is a chilling message conveyed in the words “… no drop of Muslim blood is free.” It promises exactly what Islam has been delivering over the entirety of its nearly fourteen hundred years of existence, namely, an eternal cycle of violence. There can be no end to Islam’s blood feud with the West. The very first Muslim death at the hands of a kuffar guaranteed the current feeling of smug justification exuded by so many terrorist killers.
– – -  – – – – –
Buried in this obscene equation are some other equally disturbing notions. How is it that so few Westerners seem to feel a similar desire for retribution over the blood spilled in the many modern Islamic atrocities that began in earnest on September eleventh 2001? Is this lack of vendetta a result of Christianity’s taming influence, despite Biblical demands of “an eye for an eye”? Or is there a more significant and neutering social malaise in the form of unwarranted guilt that has been imposed upon Western civilization by Gramscian Marxists and so many other victim cultures?

My own perception is that—if the West is intent upon survival—the 9-11 atrocity should forever be remembered as the death knell of Islam’s eventual and permanent destruction. Once shrouded in mystery and self-imposed seclusion from Western minds, Islam has burst back upon the modern scene with renewed violence against the infidel world. What was once obscure has been made inalterably apparent and there can no longer be any mistaking the triumphalist nature of Koranic doctrine.

It is long past tea for the West to begin extracting its own retribution over Islam’s perpetual predation upon all non-Muslim cultures. Hitler and Stalin combined cannot hold a candle to the untold hundreds of millions that have perished at Muslim hands. Nor can colonial Europe and America’s legacy of slavery remotely challenge the inhuman bondage imposed throughout Islam’s entire history. Both practices — enslavement and mass murder — have remained Islam’s signal trademarks since its very inception. Should Western leaders continue tolerating such hideous rapacity, their collective inaction must eventually be construed as criminal.

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  1. They ain’t grinnin’ no mo’

    Bet they aren’t cavorting with 72 virgins in an Islamic Heavenly Whorehouse either. Sad!

  2. However the article itself raises some interesting issues – I agree totally with the sentiment and I will again state the many of the PC crowd are nothing more than traitors to the cultures that created them.

  3. Another question is why weren’t these b@st@rds ground up and fed to hogs, just to set an example?

  4. As for senor doeboy’s sentiments – I think that they should not be fed to any pig, but pig excretment should be put on top of their graves. I don’t want any innocent animal have to injest anything that is disgusting as those freaks.

    But, I am not repelled by these pics and am glad they are dead.

  5. They look so peaceful. Seems that the only peaceful Islamist is a dead Islamist, that tells us something?

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