Australia: cooking the crime stats

* because you might get upset if you knew what’s really happening:

Column – Race to lower crimes stats

Andrew Bolt – Friday, November 14, 08 (07:04 am)

Update: If the victims were politicians instead…

“Their English isn’t strong, they probably haven’t got the conflict resolution skills we might have being brought up and educated in Australia, and as a result there has been what we consider an increase in crime.”

Mr Burns said that over the past 16 months, 450 offences had been committed by 93 members of Adelaide’s 1500-strong Sudanese community.

What? One on 16 Sudanese immigrants in Adelaide – man, woman and child – commit, on average, an offence every three months?

Was it smart to import so many people who clearly have trouble fitting in? Was it fair on those who are the victims of their crimes?

I AM sorry. I may have misled you about the Sudanese gangs I defended last year.

Back then, I denounced the hate-merchants demonising Sudanese here as misfits, too prone to violence.

True, one gang of boys had just bashed a policeman, but I gave you police statistics showing the crime rate among Sudanese immigrants was no higher than for the rowdy rest of us.

But days later, gangs of African youths fought each other in the Highpoint shopping centre. And Indian taxi drivers kept getting robbed by African men.

Just this week, Sudanese gangs in Adelaide attacked each other in a clash so deadly that one youth was killed and another near death.

But those police statistics tell us there’s no problem among the Sudanese. Which makes an article like this unfair and unhelpful.

Yet, I started to sniff something when Police Commissioner Christine Nixon banned police from using the word “gangs” to describe, well, gangs.
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