Bali Bomber Imam Samudra plots murder from the grave

By Cindy Wockner and Gareth Trickey

Herald Sun

Voice of evil … executed Bali bomber Iman Samudra has urged from the grave that Muslims fill their lives with murder. But remember: Islam is a “Religion of Peace”/ed

Piers Akerman: Indonesia must act on Islamic hate

  • Executed bomber’s will urges killing
  • “Muslims should murder non-believers”
  • Will says terror war is not over

EXECUTED Bali bomber Imam Samudra has urged from the grave that his Muslim brothers should educate their children and grandchildren to become terrorists and killers of “kaffirs” (non-Muslims).

The chilling words are from the last will of Samudra, released in his home village in West Java where he was buried in a furious frenzy at the weekend.

Lacking any remorse or guilt, Samudra urged his fellow Muslims to fill their lives with the murder of non-believers, saying the title of terrorist was holier than that of Ulama or Muslim scholar. He is a good Muslim. He understands his religion correctly/ed

He says: “For you who have committed yourself to fight against kaffir dogs, remember the war is not over.”

He calls on others to fill their lives with murder of non-Muslims.

“Isn’t it Allah who has ordered us to kill them all, just like they have killed us and our family? Have a desire to become the slaughterer of kaffir people. Educate your children and grandchildren to become terrorists and slaughterers of all Kaffir people.”

Release of the will was accompanied by a photo on an extremist website of a dead Samudra, his face surrounded by the white burial shroud, his eyes closed. He appears to be biting his bottom lip.

His brother, Lulu Jamaludin, told Indonesian media that the purpose of the picture was “to awaken one billion mujahidin like Samudra”.

“He wants to show to all Mujahidin that the man who struggled for Islam, that when he died he was smiling. He didn’t feel pain. His death is a martyr’s death,” Jamaludin was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile a couple who cancelled a holiday in the wake of the Bali bombers’ executions have been slugged with a $900 airline bill.

Maureen and Geoff Muntz abandoned their first holiday together in 13 years after the Department of Foreign Affairs warned against travelling to Indonesia following “credible information that terrorists could be planning attacks”.

The couple, who were due to fly to Bali on Friday, booked the $2800 airfares two weeks ago through Flight Centre.

Ms Muntz said the travel agent told them they were not entitled to a full refund because the airline they booked with, Garuda, was not waiving charges for passengers who wanted to defer or cancel their flights.

“My husband is a very quiet man and doesn’t really like leaving Australia,” a tearful Ms Muntz said.

“I pleaded with him to come to Bali because I’ve been to Bali and loved it.

“This time was going to be special because my husband was going to come with me.”

Indonesia is on high alert for terrorist attacks and mob violence, with authorities concerned about reprisals.

Virgin Blue and Jetstar are waiving charges for passengers who want to defer travel to Bali. But Flight Centre says some airlines, including Garuda, Indonesia’s national carrier, are not.

Schoolies week in Bali has been cancelled, with organisers warning school leavers to stay away from Indonesia.

While the Federal Government stopped short of issuing its strongest travel warning, National Schoolies Week has told its members to cancel their end-of-year trips to the holiday island.

Indonesia yesterday urged Australia and other countries to respect its legal system following the executions.

“Please understand that the death penalty is still a part of our positive law,” Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda said.

“In relations between states, we must respect each other’s legal systems.”

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  1. This is no surprise. And there will be many mental midgets who will heed the call from these (supposedly) dead jihadists. That’s why Islamania is indeed for losers.

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