Bali bombers roasted (finally)

*  Riots in the making. Because no Muslim must be killed for killing infidels…

*  At least they don’t have to laugh anymore because they feel “embarrassed” about comitting mass-murder, right Yusuf?)

Bali bombers executed — watch for riots

Bali bomber’s mom teaches kids to hate

This just in: “Three Bali bombers executed in Indonesia: TV,” from Reuters, thanks to JW

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia has executed three Muslim militants sentenced to death for the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings that killed 202 people, the television network TvOne said on Sunday citing an unidentified source.The TV station said Imam Samudra, Mukhlas and Amrozi were executed on Nusakambangan island in central Java after midnight.

The executions could not immediately be confirmed by officials.


Meanwhile, the warriors of jihad continue to show their love:

“What hope do we have?,” from the Sunday Herald Sun, November 9 (thanks to JE):

TERRORIST leader Abu Bakar Bashir rubbed salt in Bali bombing victims’ wounds yesterday, urging his flock to follow the attackers’ lead and fight for Islam.The firebrand cleric – jailed then released over the Bali bombings – made his call as expectations intensified last night that Mukhlas, 48, Amrozi, 47, and fellow militant Imam Samudra, 38, would be executed for their role in the 2002 mass murder.

As the countdown to the deaths continued , disturbing images emerged of Samudra’s mother, Embay Badriyah, surrounded by young girls in Muslim veils.

The little girls touched a poster of the doomed bomber which bore the slogan: “Not a single drop of blood is free”.

And hateful T-shirts with the message: “Even if Amrozi and friends are executed, jihad will go on” went on sale in the village of Amrozi and Mukhlas.

Victorian Bali bombing victims said the celebration of the cowardly killers who killed 202 unarmed citizens was a sick joke.

Brave mum Therese Fox, who almost died a dozen times after the blast and had to learn how to walk again, said the death cult almost made her despair.

“When I heard they made T-shirts it makes you wonder what kind of people they are,” Ms Fox said….


Oh, we know very well what kind of people they ar

9 thoughts on “Bali bombers roasted (finally)”

  1. It is the ilk of Abu Bakar Bashir that should be locked up forever. This is the one of the Islamic cleric’s (and they are all the same) that incite violence in their followers over bullshit cartoons or when the truth about their violent cult of Islam is highlighted in any way. Our authorities constantly let this shit get away with this behavior all over the world.

    It is not free speech, it is seditious, it is calculating it is done knowing full well the motivation to kill they inspire.

    Well enough is enough.

  2. Pity the dead are really dead! These 3 suckers can’t tell old bucky he’s made a blue. and when your dead. your really dead, there ain’t no paradise!!

    Great stuff by the Indon Government however, most of Bali would have volunteered for the pleasure of doing the job. A bit slow for most but reasonably quick after the last of the legal avenues closed.
    But old bucky did seem to be a little to well informed about the executions yesterday compared to any officials!

    But why did it happen, how could these 3 be so misled? Consider that at the petrol bowser! Arab money not Indonesians..

  3. I am an Aussie who lives in Indonesia and I find it truly sad that a small, misguide, ignorant minority spread the word of hate purporting it to come from the holy Koran. I was talking with my driver about the Bali bombers and their ilk of hate spreading and when I said “So what do you think Pak?” His reply was (remember english is not his first language) “These people not true Islam. Al Koran does not say kill people don’t believe Alah. Better they are dead and stop spreading their boo-sit”. I rest my case.

    I had a friend here on Friday night, a lovely Indonesian woman who has been married to an Australian for 15 years, and we were discussing the imminent executions and the possible implications. She said and I agree “These men do not represent true Islam and nor does the Al Koran state killing anyone who is not Muslim is ok. Allah preaches tolerance and understanding, just as Jesus does in the Christian bible”

    What saddens me is that so many westerners who are too ignorant to learn a bit about Islam repeat what they hear others’ say and don’t bother researching what they are saying.

    Christians, go and grab an english copy of the Koran and compare the passages to the Old Testament of the bible – you will surely be amazed taht they are almost word-for-word the same teachings and stories.

    I think it’s sad that a misguided minority are making so many non-Muslim people Hate and fear all the good Muslims living in our world. We have Muslim staff in our house – a driver, a guard and two house maids, who all pray several times a day and follow their religion (the REAL Islam) with fervour and as devoutly as my Catholic parents follow Catholicism. Not for one moment do I or my family feel unsafe or threatened having these people in our home. Our driver is trusted implicitly with our two childre, whom he drives to and from school each day, and our maids take care of the kids when we are not home. They are like trusted family members and we consider ourselves very lucky to have them.

    So please people, get your facts straight before declaring hatred for an entire religion, and make sure you are voicing a learned opinion based on your own research and not just perpetuating the crap you hear spewing forth from the mouths of morons who really have no idea what they are talking about.

  4. Tinks, you can find all of these things right here on this website, just click on the link “Islam” or click the “help sheik yer’mami” button.

    Me thinks you need to urgently do the things you’re suggesting above to cure your own ignorance, instead of relying on your drivers opinion on what the ‘real Islam’ is…
    People here have read the unholy Koran, the sira and hadith multiple times and understand that Islam is a horrific doctrine of perpetual warfare against unbelievers until the world is Islamic.

    Robert Spencer:

    Perhaps you should try to cure your fellow Muslims from being such misunderstanders of Islam and to forswear killing, raping and taking booty from unbelievers. The hatred is all yours…

    If you speak honestly and accurately about the Islamic jihad doctrine and the Islamic supremacist agenda, and even confine your case entirely to quotes from authoritative Islamic sources and spokesmen, you will still be accused of “hating Muslims.” This is the constant refrain of apologists for jihad and their useful idiots in the West — and they constantly have recourse to it because they know that it is effective: it turns the Left and much of the squishy Right away from the message of the “hater,” regardless of how outlandish and unjust the charge is.

    Myself, I don’t hate Muslims. I love Muslims. Telling the truth is not an act of hate. I am not “Islamophobic,” I am Islamorealistic. I tell the truth about Islam and work to defend Western civilization and society from the encroachments of a legal and societal system that oppresses Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

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