7 thoughts on “Black Panters: Obama's Gestapo? A Sign of Things To Come?”

  1. I hope all the retarded bastards who voted for Obama (MCF) are happy-just 7 years after 9/11 they have installed a closet Koranist in the White House, effectively spitting on the graves of the victims of that day by handing the jihadists a far bigger victory than that dark day. Now the Dark Ages are about to begin for the US- the Obamaniacs wanted change and they shall have it-a long recession, higher taxes, higher unemployment, more terrorism, less rights and bigger government are just some of those changes that will come. November 4, 2008 will rank with December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001 as a date that will live in infamy-in this case, the start of the 2nd Civil War, because Obamania has taken politics in a horrible new direction.

    Now we know what Charles De Gaulle must have felt like on that black day in 1940 when France surrendered to the Nazis. The French had their four years of darkness-now it’s our turn. Who will be our De Gaulle? The Republicans had better start looking for him tomorrow, because they haven’t a second to waste. Right now I’m profoundly embarrassed for the American electorate for letting this disaster take place. Now our enemies-within and without are gloating and cheering, just as the Gazans did on 9/11. Some sort of intelligence test should be required in order to vote because we have far too many idiots voting who have no business doing so-this election proves it. That’s how a guy almost nobody heard of two years ago, with no track record in politics, with numerous skeletons in his closet and the endorsements of every anti-American nation, group and individual gets elected. And now we are damned for the next four years. God help us in the trials to come.

  2. Obamas victory means a very bad time for the free world. The USA is now in a fight for its life.

  3. * The USA is now in a fight for its life.

    I have a feeling the USA is about to find what the real “axis of evil” is – Mediterranean Union,
    Russia, OIC, UN …

  4. Well Sheik, you’re right by and large. The sheeple here are more interested in the lives of Britney and Paris than who Obama (MCF-Media Created Fraud) hung around with in his youth. The media created this candidate as a result of this mentality and the sheeple voted him in. Now the world has become a far more dangerous place because media medicated morons have elected a cretin that hardly anyone ever heard about just two years ago. For this I apologize on the behalf of the former USA to the rest of the world. Ultimately, we will see a civil war here-maybe not during The Beloved Leader’s time in office but it WILL come sooner or later, for he has polarized politics here worse than ever. Nobody will be able to sit on the fence then.

    Prices paid by Americans for their stupidity:

    8 years of Clinton=9/11
    Years of insanely easy credit and mortgages=current recession
    Creation of Obaman People’s Republic=leftist dictatorship or global Koranist triumph?

  5. Well, the Manchurian candidate has won. So now you folks have to keep your eyes open and fight him at every political level if he tries to impose his personnel rubbish on the USA. There is no use complaining – the result is confirmed. Just realise that now you have to use the political process to protect your country against possible Obama Adventurism.

    And to those who voted him in – you clearly haven’t got of your backsides and thought about what your country needs. You don’t like Bush and what he has done – fair enough and with good cause in some respects- however you were too lazy to try to improve what you don’t like about US policies. US internal economics, etc, by directly addressing your politicians. Rather, you sat simpering at home until the man with the golden message appeared and because he promised what you wanted, and you only had to vote for the man, you took the easy option. America became a great nation because people sacrificed their time and their energy to build America. America did not grow because people sat at home waiting for a hollow voice filled with promises and platitudes. Although I am not American I will quite clearly state that you failed your country in the hour that your help was most needed. Yes you have done IT! Lets hope you survive IT. I dont particularly care if you dont like this call – it is quite accurate.

    BTW Mimi – the reason your country is in the mess it is today is primarily because of Bill and his democrats. And since you appear to be anti death and destruction, as you should be, I wonder why I have never heard you complaining about the numerous massacres commited by muslims against non muslims, by african tribes against other tribes (You seen to have kept your mouth shut over Rwanda where over 1 million died – actually the Rwanda conflict is directly attributable to the interference of a certain European country in the UN security council) .. and so on. What annoys me about people like you is that you quite happily use the civil conflict in Iraq as a demonstration of Bushes incompetence (actaully it is not – it is a result of sunni/shiiite inability to accept each other – a world wide phenomenon – with considerable negative input from Iran) whilst keeping your mouth shut about other injustices that are perpetrated by others who are not your current “bad boy of the month”. If you want to make a moral call then you cannot be selective about who you target . BTW you favourite golden mouth was a significant contributor to the initial events that set the world financial crisis in motion- but why let an unfortunate truth like that tar your vision of the golden mouth. You should realise that it is useful to think deeply before making an important decision – I assume you rally understand what think deeply means.

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