City firm pays millions to Muslim twins over sensational racism and drug abuse claims

* Rorting the system. There are many ways to extract the jiziyah from the kuffars:

Muslims get last laugh at Swift: Plant must pay $365,000 to Muslims fired for walking off job

An update on this story, which played out essentially as predicted although that earlier post referred to the controversy at a different plant. The principles in play are the same. “Minnesota Plant That Fired Muslims for Taking Prayer Breaks Will Pay $365,000,” from AP, November 11 (thanks to Islam In Action via DW):


By Julie Moult, Tom Kelly and Emily Andrews
Thanks to Shiva

Two Muslim sisters have won a multi-million pound settlement on the verge of an explosive tribunal which threatened to make public claims of widespread drug abuse and racial bigotry in the City.

Samira and Hanan Fariad, 31, had made sensational claims that top brokers used cocaine, and subjected them to unbearable levels of race and religious discrimination.

They alleged that former bosses at Tradition Securities and Futures turned a blind eye to the deplorable behaviour.


Samira, left, and Hanan Fariad, right, arrive at the employment tribunal in London

The French twins, who both earned six figure sums, are believed to have secured a record payout after demanding up to £10million in compensation.

Their evidence was to have begun this week and had been expected to cause huge embarrassment to the City at a time when the industry’s reputation is at an all-time low.

But the case was dramatically halted after the French firm – which had already spent hundreds of thousands of pounds trying to keep the identities of its leading employees secret – agreed an out-of-court settlement.

The sisters had made 200 separate allegations against the bank and the hearing was due to last a record 55 days at the Central London Employment Tribunal.

Samira was preparing to submit a 150-page witness statement. The Daily Mail has learned that it included allegations that executives removed the women’s Jewish clients and transferred them to non-Muslim colleagues.

One of the sisters alleged that a client working for a big bank was allocated to a Jewish colleague because the two ‘had in common both language and race’, according to submissions for the case.

‘The removal of certain clients from the claimants . .. might have been because the claimants are Muslim and because they are women,’ the document says.

Tradition’s parent company, Compagnie Financiere Tradition, is one of the world’s largest broker firms with a 2007 turnover of £770million.

Last month one of its staff, Alexandre Mouradian, said he was suing the firm after being ‘short-changed’ by £92,571 when paid a bonus of more than £1million.

At the time, a spokesman for Tradition said: ‘This is a bonus calculation dispute between Paris-based Tradition and an employee. We have no comment to make while the matter is before the court.’

Samira Fariad started work in the Paris branch of the firm in 2001.

Three years later she was transferred to London where she was joined by her sister.

The girls grew up in Casablanca, Morocco, where they excelled academically.

According to friends they moved to Paris, where they still live, for their careers.

Schoolfriend Gregory Renouf said: ‘They were both very quiet non-assuming young ladies who studied very hard. They stood out as both being very clever.’

The pair worked as brokers in the London office for two years until November 2006 before resigning.

As brokers, they would have been on a basic salary of around £50,000 plus commission, which is likely to have taken their total pay into six figures. 

Although the final settlement has not been disclosed, it is believed they will walk away with the largest ever payout for an employment tribunal.

It will eclipse the record £2.8million awarded against bankers Abbey last month for race discrimination against employee Balbinder Chagger, 40, of Hayes, West London.

A spokesman for the sisters said: ‘The parties are pleased to confirm that the matter has now been settled on confidential terms.’

Tradition refused to comment on the case citing the terms of the settlement. But it previously strenuously denied all allegations.

Earlier this month a statement read: ‘TSAF considers the central claim of religious discrimination allegedly exemplified by the transfer of Jewish trader clients away from Muslim to Jewish brokers to be an utter distortion of the facts.

‘TSAF did consult with one of the claimants concerning a proposed reallocation of a number of clients – not only those that are Jewish – in order to encourage more productive broking.

‘The claimant concerned made all decisions concerning allocation of clients herself, with full discretion and no coercion.’


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  1. They had better hang on to their money. They have guaranteed themselves zero employment prospects in any Bank or financial institution for life. Bankers are like Elephants, big, powerful and they never forget.

  2. This is nothing but bullshit!!! These two Muslim sisters have obviousally put a lot of work into this bogus lawsuit. They will pay for it in the future, As Karma always makes the circle! It might be a month , It might be a year, BUT they will get what is coming to them for pulling this everything goes against the INFEDELS CON!!! May the fleas from a thousand camels infest your slimy home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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