Egypt minister: Niqab is not Islamic!

* Looks like there is more sanity in Egypt than in the UK…

It will be a long fight against the spread of the niqab culture

Egypt minister: Niqab is not Islamic

Zaqzuq says in his book he will absolutely not allow spread of face veil culture in Egypt.

 Middle East Online

CAIRO – The Egyptian ministry for religious endowments has weighed into the debate on whether a Muslim woman should wear a face veil with a book arguing that it is not Islamic, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The independent daily Al-Masry al-Yom published extracts of the book, entitled “The veil is a custom, not worship” by Religious Endowments Minister Mahmud Hamdi Zaqzuq, which the ministry will distribute to mosques.

“I will absolutely not allow the spread of the niqab (the face veil) culture in Egypt,” the newspaper quoted the minister as saying.

The face veil has always been a topic of debate between Sunni schools of jurisprudence – and even within individual schools – with the majority saying the practice is unnecessary.

However, all schools agree that a woman should cover everything but her face and hands.

Zaqzuq’s book cites rulings by the mufti of Egypt, the head of the Islamic Al-Azhar University and others in which they said the face veil has no basis in the Koran or hadith — the traditions and sayings of Prophet Mohammed.

In modern day Egypt, the face veil is often associated with followers of the Salafi school of thought, the dominant interpretation of Islam in Saudi Arabia.


The ministry had earlier announced it would publish books countering the Salafi take and distribute them to mosques.