Islamic Jihad Rocks Southern Thailand, 71 Wounded

2 bombs in southern Thailand wound 71: the South is “restive” again!

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SUKHIRIN, Thailand (AP) — Suspected Muslim insurgents detonated two bombs at a tea stall and shopping area Tuesday in insurgency-wracked southern Thailand, killing one person and wounding at least 71, police said.

It was the largest attack in several months in Thailand’s restive south, which has been gripped by a Muslim insurgency since 2004.

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The first blast appeared to target a meeting of 300 village chiefs and local officials from Narathiwat province who were leaving their monthly meeting when the explosion occurred in the building’s parking lot, said police chief Maj. Gen. Surachai Suebsuk. The bomb was hidden inside a parked car.

The building in Sukhirin district also housed an indoor fruit market that was busy with shoppers when the blast occurred about noon, at the start of the normally crowded lunch hour, he said.

“The insurgents aimed to kill,” Surachai said. “Most of the wounded were civilian officials who were leaving the meeting and heading for their cars.”

Minutes later, a second bomb hidden in a motorcycle went off outside a nearby tea shop, Surachai said. The police chief had initially said that three bombs exploded but then said the last blast was caused by an exploding tire, not a bomb.

Cell phone signals were cut off in the area to prevent attackers from triggering new explosions by mobile phone, he said.

There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the blasts.

Violence in the south is usually blamed on Muslim insurgents. The southernmost provinces of Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani have been terrorized by regular attacks since early 2004, when a separatist movement flared after a lull of more than two decades.

Attacks generally take the form of drive-by shootings and small-scale bombings intended to frighten Buddhist residents into leaving the area. Suspected insurgents mainly target people seen as collaborating with the government, including soldiers, police, informants and civilians.

On Aug. 21, two bombs in Narathiwat killed two people and wounded 30. The two fatalities were a Thai reporter and a rescue worker responding to the first attack when a second explosion went off.

The last large-scale coordinated attack occurred Feb. 18, 2007, when a string of bombings and shootings by suspected insurgents killed eight people and wounded almost 70 in four provinces.

More than 3,300 people have been killed since January 2004 in the three provinces, which are the only Muslim-dominated areas in the Buddhist-majority country.

Thailand’s population is about 90 percent Buddhist, and many of the country’s Muslims feel they are treated as second-class citizens.

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