Islamic Terrorists Wanna Be Loved By You

* Looking for love in all the right places:

Muslim terrorists in Mumbai tell media: ‘stop hating us’

* U.S. Troops Kill another Taliban Commander, Clad in Woman’s Clothes


                                       “I’m gonna make you love me..!”

Needless to mention that the enlightened nutroots from the Left,  THE AGE, have already got the message: If we refused to notice or react, thinks the Left, maybe they’ll go away. Because hating Islamic terrorists creates more Islamic terrorists, right? Right….?

Sample: … so-called war on terror… greater repression would only lead to more terrorism

Look away. Don’t react.

 The notion that islamists would not resort to violence if they weren’t oppressed by the West is a vile demonstration of the self-loathing and hatred the left has for the West. 

Latest news:

Indian officials say four Australians have died and a Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman said officials were ”urgently seeking to confirm the safety and welfare of 37 Australians”.


The Mumbai seige at the Taj has come to an end as the last 3 gun men have been gunned down, at the heritage wing of the Taj Palace Hotel.

It is claimed that so far 195 people have lost their lives…

Indian media reported that one terrorist worked at the Taj Palace Hotel for 10 months posing as a chef. Perhaps he was in charge of cooking the false flag conspiracy BS that’s floating on top of the BBC sewage, here:

“They did not look Indian, they looked foreign. One of them, I thought, had blonde hair. The other had a punkish hairstyle. They were neatly dressed,”


THE terror group that ruthlessly struck at Mumbai’s heart has demanded an end to persecution of Muslims and the release of militants from prison.

The previously unknown group that claimed responsibility for the attacks across Mumbai has added to the growing belief that India is confronting a home-grown Islamic militancy.

The vast majority of previous attacks on Indian soil have been squarely blamed on groups based in or directly supported by neighbouring Pakistan.

But attacks over the last year have been claimed by groups with names stressing their local origins.

Deccan Mujahedeen, which said it was responsible for the Mumbai assault on Wednesday night, takes its title from the Deccan plateau that covers much of south India.

The outfit sent emails to local media saying it carried out the attacks.

One of the gunmen holed up in the Trident hotel told the India TV channel by phone on Thursday that the little-known terror outfit wanted an end to the persecution of Indian Muslims and the release of all fellow Islamic militants detained in India.

“Muslims in India should not be persecuted. We love this as our country but when our mothers and sisters were being killed, where was everybody?” he said from inside the hotel, which was surrounded by army commandos.

A similarly shadowy group calling itself the Indian Mujahedeen claimed responsibility for serial blasts in Delhi in September, which killed 20 people, and bombings in the western city of Ahmedabad in July when 45 died.

Another group, the Islamic Security Force-Indian Mujahedeen, said it was behind explosions last month in India’s north-east state of Assam that killed 80.

It is unclear whether the various groups are connected, but retired senior security official B Raman has said their chosen names were a “bid to Indianise” the Islamic militant movement.

The Indian Mujahedeen, which also calls itself “the militia of Islam”, first came to public attention last November following serial blasts in Uttar Pradesh.

The same group sent another email to the media after blasts in May in the city of Jaipur in which it said it would wage an “open war” against India for supporting the United States, and warned of more attacks against tourist sites.

Security services suspect the groups may be fronts for outfits that have been banned by the Indian government over the past few years such as the Students’ Islamic Movement of India.

Others say they could be an undercover coalition of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed militant organisations.

Just minutes before the blasts in Ahmedabad, the main commercial city of Gujarat state, the Indian Mujahedeen sent emails to several television news stations warning that people would “feel the terror of death”.

It said the Ahmedabad blasts were revenge for riots which swept Gujarat in 2002 in which at least 2,000 people, mainly Muslims, were hacked, shot and burnt to death.

It has warned India’s largest-circulation daily, The Times of India, and other media groups to halt their “propaganda war” against Muslims.

And it has told Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest businessman, to “think twice” about his construction of a glass-and-steel 27-storey home on land in Mumbai where a Muslim orphanage once stood. 

Asshole of the month:

Alan “Skeletor” Colmes

Forever deluded, clueless and reality resistent!

I just heard Alan “douchehat” Colmes asking an Indian reporter who was live on the ground as the flames erupted and then were put out whether she thought that the terrorists could be “Hindu militants or Tamil separatists.” She handled the answer perfectly by pausing for a second to give the camera a look of disbelief before deciding to act as if she hadn’t heard him, after which she quickly resumed recounting what was happening. She called the firetrucks “firetenders,” which I found adorable.

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9 thoughts on “Islamic Terrorists Wanna Be Loved By You”

  1. The blonde one could have been an Albino. A pakistani that lives near me is blonde and fair. an albino.

  2. Yes,end of persecution…Hum,HUmmm.When i think about the muslims,i always remember the millions of Europeans who have been putt in SLAVERY towards the Century by those Asshole(probably some of my own ancestors)and don’t talk of the hundred of millions of Black..the list is too long ! it’s still the same ideology today,absolutely nothing changed ,in theirs fuking empty heads.
    I don’t remind in history Europeans put muslims (child,woman,man) in Slavery….The Addition to pay for these sub-human is not yet paid and will be long.

  3. It’s not hard to pick Colmes as an apologist. He has always taken the side of Islam in every Hannity and Colmes show I have watched on the subject. Even without his leanings his demure annoys me.

    Some people with whom I have spoken take the view that they (the victims and perpetrators) are wogs from overseas which struck me more as a denial to avoid discussing any local danger.

    Isn’t the game always the same

    – the fifth column
    – the absolute violence lethal mainly to people who are unarmed.
    – the pretext which sickens because you know that they know the bleeding heart apologists will lap it up (It is always someone Else’s fault).

    Even further it is what the apologists come up with “it must have have been Hindu terrorists”, “it is because the Hindu’s stole India from the Muslims” (refer ABC idiot).

    The deluded mindset of these loonies is frightening. I feel that even if a large attack occurred in Australia this PC set would still back the pretext of the enemy. The stark reality is that most Australians are to frightened to admit that Islam is the source of more than 90% of violence in the world today.

    Islam was the inspiration for Hitler and Nazism that I have no doubt as the evidence is overwhelming. However, we’re too smart for another Hitler today, are we not?

  4. Geoff:

    “Islam was the inspiration for Hitler and Nazism- this is something I’ve been suspecting for a long time. It is highly likely that Hitler read the Koran. He was a great admirer of Islam and his association with the mufti of Jerusalem, the Hanschar brigades, the annihilation of the Jews is no secret, though not as well known as we would like it to be.

    I’m grateful for every bit of research on this matter….

  5. My sources are probably no better than yours but I do pay attention when I read or listen to any information which links the two.

    The worry I find myself is not so much the connection of Islam and Nazism but being able to argue a threat from the relationship today.

    Most people I speak with see any threat from Islam as being from a radical minority and not organized upon the common thread of its texts. They cannot see the totalitarian nature of Islam because the information the media share keeps the violence seemingly erratic in nature and any discussion of the texts as islamophobic or racist.

    They perceive a threat like Nazism as needing a central command so to speak. My words fall on deaf ears when I point out that with Islam it can be more vile and dangerous than even the axis of WWII as the commonality of purpose could involve more than 30% of Muslims and the weapons today within their reach need no mention as to lethality.

    Your research and content on this site is great. I enjoy reading your articles as much as I do Jihad Watch.

  6. A very valid point, Geoff. Due to the lack of central command, the obvious poverty Islam breeds, the illiteracy, stupidity and insanity this belief-system combines, we are so dismissive of the Islam-threat that we just can’t get ourselves to take it seriously. But it is. We are not fighting armies in uniform. We are not fighting equals. We are fighting indoctrinated zombies who appeal to our weakness to destroy us. Our weakness and naivite’ of being good for goodness sake.

    Islam breeds lunatics who throw hand-granades at us from behind women and children. They call us child killers when we shoot back and the assholes from the left act as cheerleaders for them.

    We have a situation…

  7. To all of you It’s a great pity that u all do not understand Islam, you all should really read the Quran (English translation). Islam is a great religion.

    Unfortunately the mumbai massacre is happening all over the world. Israel are murdering the Palestenians since 1948, howcome nobody is concerned it’s still very much happening, America has waged war against almost every country, are they not Terrorists?

    Stop laughing at the muslim world, instead look at America and Israel and see how many people they have murdered!

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