Jihad on India: 101 confirmed dead, 6 foreigners

Textbook Jihad in Egypt

 By Andrew G. Bostom

Kiwis caught up in Mumbai attacks

Australia’s chairman KRudd: “They are cowards…absolute cowards and murderers…” not so. They kill and are killed in the way of Allah (Koran 9:111) For Muhammedans, they are heroes…

Update: 3 terrorists killed, 9 captured… 1 Australian confirmed dead…

The Times of India:

In one of the most violent terror attacks on Indian soil, Mumbai came under an unprecedented night attack as terrorists used heavy machine guns, including AK-47s, and grenades to strike at the city’s most high-profile targets — the hyper-busy CST (formerly VT) rail terminus; the landmark Taj Hotel at the Gateway and the luxury Oberoi Trident at Nariman Point; the domestic airport at Santa Cruz; the Cama and GT hospitals near CST; the Metro Adlabs multiplex and Mazgaon Dockyard — killing at 101 and sending more than 900 to hospital, according to latest reports.

Nov 27, 2008 9:05 AM ONE NEWS

As fear grips Mumbai after a number of terror attacks across the city, two New Zealanders have been among the panic, barricading themselves in their hotel room for hours.

The gunmen are targeting spots popular with westerners and businessmen, and are said to be looking for people with British and US passports.

* Jihadists target Penn Station

* Here comes the mealy mouthed appeasement brigades

Gunmen are also reported to be holding Westerners hostage at the Taj Mahal Hotel, as well as  Cafe Leopold, perhaps the most famous restaurant and hang-out for tourists in the city.

Police say suspected terrorists remain inside several hotels.

A group calling itself the Deccan Mujahedeen has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Do you have relatives or friends currently in Mumbai? Contact us at news@tvnz.co.nz or call ONE News on 0800 88 6397 or 916 7123

* 20,000 Muslims attack Christian church in Egypt

*  Skeletor from H & C cannot figure it out. Who done it and why? Was it American foreign policy? Was it Kashmir? Was it something Israel said or did? What, exactly, was it? Was it the Hindus?

Alan Colmes Quits Hannity and Colmes Show On Fox News

Good riddance!

From Floppingaces

Alan Colmes, co-host of Hannity and Colmes, the popular one hour program on Fox News at 9 PM, is quitting. Colmes, who could always be counted on to read whatever Democrat talking points were handed to him and who mastered in the art of “both sides do it so our guy shouldn’t be punished (but yours should), will be leaving the show in the new year.

This comes as good news to many of the shows viewers who have worn out the mute button on their television remotes from use every time Colmes began to speak.

Rumor has it that the show will be hosted by Sean Hannity without a co-host which will be a vast improvement.


10 thoughts on “Jihad on India: 101 confirmed dead, 6 foreigners”

  1. 20000 Muslims attack a Christian church?. OOh they must have heard that there were four people inside the church at the time and did not want to be outnumbered.

  2. * KRudd: “They are cowards…absolute cowards and murderers…

    Governments come and go, but the responses to muslim atrocities remain largely unchanged
    and bi-partisan…

    * The Australian Government condemns the horrific bombings in Mumbai overnight, and expresses profound sympathy and support for the government and people of India in the
    face of these cowardly terrorist attacks.

    Alexander Downer, 12 July 2006

  3. Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror”

  4. Meanwhile, South Australia’s Labor government is introducing new legislation to outlaw
    discrimination against women breastfeeding their children in public – mothers welcome
    the change, full article on mothers breastfeeding, with one sentence on preventing
    discrimination on several other grounds, including … “religious dress”, which I assume
    is not mainly nuns or orthodox jews.

    Not much of a problem with exploding breastfeeding mothers, but muslims in “religious
    dress” are prone to detonate with little warning, and are best avoided. (YMMV)

  5. Sura 9:111…

    Kill and be killed…that is what allah wants…

    sounds a lot like the SS motto…

    …we give death, and take death…

    Only satan and his spirits care nothing of mankind…and wish for their destruction.

    When will the west wake up and realize that if they wish to escape these monster ideologies, they need to accept Christ and His sacrifice for mankind, else they will have to give their own as is required by these satanic ideologies.

  6. Would that dolt Miliband like to repeat last weekend’s utterance that islam is a creed of peace,an enemy to no one and a friend to all?
    A fiend to all.

  7. urban11, the UN has passed a resolution outlawing “defamation of religion”, and surely
    Miliband (and others) have defamed islam by claiming that it is a religion of peace, when
    its false god & false prophet clearly state otherwise in the koran and elsewhere.

  8. There have been over 12000 terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11 in the name of the so-called “religion” of peace. The more countries these murderbots of Islam attack the more nails they are driving into the coffin called Islam. Moderate Islam better reclaim what is left of your “religion/ideology” before it is too late.

  9. Hello;

    The following item shows that Islamic Terrorists are following Mohammeds example and decrees. Tolerance comprise only 3% of Mohammeds statements. They were in his early period in Mecca. After his escape to Medina, 97% of the statements relating to unbelievers, were hate and violence decreed against all infidels. The first 3% are abrogated by later decrees. Anyone who is learned in the Muslim faith who states that Islam is a religion of Peace, is a 5th columnist doing his duty for Islam, to undermine and lull our Democracies.

    Muslims consider Mohammed the most honourable of all men. This allows them every act that he did or supported.

    For the security of Democracies, please read the following item.

    Ban Islam for past and present War Crimes

    Muhammed: The Con Man and False Prophet

    As we are against terrorism in the world for the ultimate survival of our society, I’m offering viewpoints to win the battle against Islam’s goal of world domination, which is stated in their writings.

    Muhammed and his sayings, found in the Koran, Hadiths, Sunnahs and Surahs, are the root of Muslim terrorism.

    With truth and reality, we must discredit the founder of Islam, his sayings and the belief system that spawns this terrorism.

    Let the world know that Muhammed, while in Medina, organized raids on camel trains hauling trade goods, and received twenty percent (20%) of the ill gotten loot. The spiritual mechanics of functioning as a Prophet does not mix with being a thief and killing for wealth.

    Let the world know that Muhammed betrothed a six year old (6) child , in her ninth year (9) consummated their marriage sexually. He was in his fifties (50’s) at the time. The inner development of a Prophet does not function with paedophilia. Muhammed was a Paedophile. He claimed that Aisha was his only wife that caused him to experience revelations while under the blanket with her. Muhammeds counsel to others and actions, legitimized paedophilia through Islams ideology. What was the source of Muhammeds revelations as a Paedophile? All this is stated in th Hadiths and Surahs.

    On returning to Medina after taking Mecca, he attacked one of the Jewish tribes, the Qurraysa. After 28 days of siege, the Jews capitulated. Muhammed immediately ignored the terms agreed upon as part of their surrender. He ordered and watched as all males from puberty on were beheaded in a trench. Their families were made to watch this slaughter of the male children and men. Some of the women became hysterical while watching the beheading of their husbands and sons and were also beheaded. During the slaughter, Muhammed spotted a beautiful Jewish girl and selected her for his sex slave. Her name was Rayhannah. She had to watch while her mother and sister were raped. Her sister was traded as a slave for arms which is stated in both the Hadiths and the Surahs. There were three tribal groups of Jewish origin and belief in Medina at that time. Those that weren’t killed or sold into slavery were forced out into the desert to die.

    These atrocities are the actions of a demonic fiend not a Prophet.

    Muhammed also encouraged and rewarded many assassinations in his lifetime. Murder is not an activity of a Prophet.

    The fantasy paradise that Muhammed developed to entice the itinerant, uneducated Arabs to Islam is a personal bordello. This paradise in the hereafter shows a sexual fixation and addiction in the spirit of Muhammed. This is not the development of a spiritual Prophet. This demonic personality is no doubt the most successful con man ever. Muhammed has been more successful than Hitler and the Nazi movement in longevity, size of his organization and hatred of the Jews.

    Compare Muhammed to all former Prophets and founders of great religious movements, East and West, and it easily shows us how debased he was. His organization was developed by tacking spiritual words to robbery, killing, conversions by the sword and terrorism with Fatwas which are all fiendish acts. This activity by his followers is presently seen on television clips with kidnapped, innocent people being beheaded in praise of Allah.

    Last but not least, Allah was one of over two hundred and fifty (250) idols in the Ka’aba. After taking Mecca, Muhammed destroyed all other tribal idols except for the Quraysh tribe’s idol and pronounced Allah the one and only God.

    I believe that, in warfare against terrorism, we must attack the heart and not just the tentacles of Islam with truth. We must not let this perversion of religion spawn numberless adherents to Muhammed’s words to expand their terrorism. We must confront terrorism head on.

    When combating Evil remember: Appeasement is like feeding a steak to a tiger in the hope that it will eventually become a vegetarian.

    International Ban Islam petition:


    Canada’s for debate in the House of Commons:


    Guardians of Democracy site:


    Unfortunately, Muslims in debate or negotiations are forced to LIE to preserve Islam’s integrity. This noble Islamic activity is called “TAKIYA”.


    Lorenzo Bouchard

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