Rap Song Calls For Murder of Filip Dewinter, Government Yawns

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More Death Threats for Filip Dewinter

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna


The Vlaams Belang website reports that Filip Dewinter, a leader of the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang, has been threatened again, this time via the lyrics of a rap song. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated the Dutch-language text:

Death Threats for Dewinter

“Kanker-racist met een grote mond, je zal sterven door middel van een dodelijke schotwond.” (“*** racist with a big mouth, you will die by a fatal gunshot wound”). This line is from the text of a rap song by the immigrant group The Cicatris which is circulating on the internet.

The rest of the song [YouTube video link] leaves little to the imagination:

Becoming well-known will certainly occur, with a bullet in your head and you can’t do nothing about that
It’s time for riots, time for revolution, death to Filip Dewinter are the words of Cicatris

– – -  – – – – –

I prepared myself and I will not wait. It won’t be long before we’re going to get you
Shots in the dark, a knife in your back 
Didn’t you learn nothing from Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn?

In a statement Filip Dewinter says he is shocked. “This rap song is a blatant call for murder,” it reads. “These diabolical lyrics can incite an idiot to act on their words.” Dewinter has already filed a complaint because of the calls to violence [death threats].

laine said…
Now if Filip de Winter or his supporters had targeted these kinds of lyrics toward any Muslim leader…then the world would be screaming at the top of its lungs about racism and incitement to murder.     

When a white opinion maker is threatened in Europe where Theo Van Gogh and Pym Fortuyn were already murdered by a Muslim and leftist respectively, then it’s just business as usual.

This kind of primitive thought process, that anyone who disagrees with you should get a bullet in the head or knife in the heart should be chased back to the primordial cave or communist gulag of its origin. Let barbarian deal with barbarian instead of allowing them to move among the more evolved.

11/22/2008 5:54 PM


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  1. Iron doesn’t alloy with clay, and Europe will never form a stable union, especially with
    those who seek its destruction.

  2. And these primordial fools wonder why their “religion” has so many people pouring scorn on it. When Khomeini put a fatwa on Rushdies boring book, telling people what we can and cannot read was the time for this kind of Islam to mind it’s own business. Khomeini, Bin Laden and the Taliban etc. etc. have been extremely detrimental to Islams image. They put fear into Muslims but within western societies they do nothing more than breed contempt of Islam and all it stands for.

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