The UN wants you to submit to Islam

* The corrupt dhimmies from the UN have long been in the Arab pocket. This is just the latest outrage. And if that is not enough to give you the creeps check this out:  

Prince Charles to be known as “Defender of Faith”

Of course, for all too many Muslims “defamation of religions” equals “honest discussion of the ideology that motivates Islamic jihadists.” That is just one of many things wrong with this. War On Free Speech Update: “Defamation of religions should be banned: UN,” from Dawn, November 12 (thanks to Weasel Zippers via DW):

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 12: United Nations General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann said on Tuesday that the world body should ban defamation of all religions and disagreed that such a move would impinge upon freedom of speech.

The Saudi fat cats are giving it all they got. And their petro-dollars are just about buying every Western stooge:

Saudi Interfaith Parley a Front for Global Law against Blasphemy

More on Brockmann: 

What if I told you that the new president of the United Nations General Assembly is a communist and a Catholic priest? Yet, it is true. The news comes like a strange blast from 1980s.

U.N. president is grim reminder of lessons of liberation theology – by Robert Sirico 

“Yes, I believe that defamation of religion should be banned,” he said in response to a question at a press conference to highlight the interfaith conference at the UN headquarters. No one should try to defame Islam or any other religion, he said, adding: “We should respect all religions.”…


Don’t see the problem with this? Take Pakistan’s blasphemy law. Under it, a Christian who is confronted by a Muslim and asked whether or not he thinks Muhammad was a prophet can be charged with blasphemy, i.e. disrespect of Islam, simply for answering No. That is, simply for affirming that he is not indeed a Muslim.

Laws that restrict free speech are tools in the hands of the powerful — tools by which they silence dissent.

Your U.N. at Work


The General Assembly of the United Nations voted this week to elect Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann as its new president. Readers with a long memory will recall Father D’Escoto (he’s a Catholic priest) as Nicaragua’s foreign minister during the Sandinista regime of the 1980s. He’s also the winner of the 1985 Lenin Prize. Only at the U.N. does that count as a recommendation.

The U.N. also voted to name the government of Burma – which otherwise has been busy preventing humanitarian assistance from reaching hundreds of thousands of its own needy victims of last month’s devastating cyclone – as one of the Assembly’s vice presidents. Only at the U.N. is this not considered an embarrassment.

4 thoughts on “The UN wants you to submit to Islam”

  1. * “Defamation of religions should be banned: UN,”

    Bring it on, and get it over and done with. U kNow you want it!

    And while you are at it, learn of the fate that awaits U wheN you do.

    The religion that will be banned will be Christianity, while the religions of the Whore of
    Babylon will be encouraged … until the false messiah (Antichrist) turns on the revolting
    harlot and destroys it. (Revelation 17)

  2. Since Islamania is not a religion but a totalitarian philosophy with a religious veneer it is still fair game for attack. As for the UN wanted us to submit to it, I say they can drop dead.

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