'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh's kin ask President Bush for mercy


* Even if Bush doesn’t let him off he has a good chance with the Obaminator. A Muslim POTUS will be much more sympathetic to the cause…

WASHINGTON – The parents of convicted “American Taliban“ John Walker Lindhpleaded with President Bush Wednesday to commute his 20-year prison stretch as a final act of mercy.

Frank Lindh and Marilyn Walker didn’t help their son’s case by slamming slain CIAhero Johnny (Mike) Spann‘s father, who blames the Muslim convert for failing to stop Spann’s gruesome death in a 2001 Afghan battle.

“John Lindh had nothing to do with Mike Spann’s death,” Frank Lindh said in San Francisco. “It was a shameful thing, I think, for that father to continue to make those claims against our son.”

The CIA paramilitary operative was gunned down in a firefight during a Taliban prison uprising at Mazar-e-Sharif two months after the 9/11 attacks.

Spann was videotaped questioning Lindh, who “didn’t say a word,” his dad, who’s also named John, told the Daily News from his home in Winfield, Ala.

Since then, the grieving father has blamed Lindh for joining the Taliban, meetingOsama Bin Laden and failing to warn his son a violent uprising was in the works. He opposes any commutation of Lindh’s remaining 13 years.

“I thought he ought to have got the damned electric chair,” Spann said. He called Lindh’s parents “cowards like he is.”

6 thoughts on “'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh's kin ask President Bush for mercy”

  1. Imagine if a John Walker Lindh type during WWII left the Country to become a Nazi SS stormtrooper to be in a position to kill American soldiers…and was captured? They would have hanged him in no time flat…if he made it back to the America without accidentally getting severe lead poisoning in his skull on the way by some soldier who lost half his company of fellow soldiers fighting them.

    Just another example of what Post Modern Liberalism has done to the USA.

    Liberalism – the great enabler of Jihad in Western Culture.

  2. In another time and place this freak wouldn’t be alive today to be drivling over freedom. He would have been shot or hanged as a traitor.

    yeah, I agree with you revparadigm.

    Once this puke gets out you will see some MSM newperson at his every beck and call lathering over every word that comes out of this puke’s mouth. You watch. I barely watch the news now – even Fox news due to the fascination over Obama. I mean I cannot turn on fox news without ‘Obama’ being said within 10 seconds of turning to that station. I just turn the TV off. And those Obama coins!!!! I just turn the TV off – it makes me want to barf.

  3. In the UK treason is still punishable by death so the loony lefties get around this unfortunate fact by NEVER charging anyone with treason no matter how nailed on the facts are. Such is the reality of the PC, Yuman Rites spewing, moonbat world we have to live in.

  4. I can see it now…Johnny Walker is hailed as a “victim” by moonbats, given a taxpayer funded Harvard education and stipend for life. The Tookie Williams syndrome will soon take over. Expect candle light vigils for this scum.

  5. Peter Barrry, I am afraid you are behind the times. Blair made quite sure that he would never have to pay the price of his treason and abolished that little provision.

  6. ciccio Thanks for the information I have not lived in UK for some time now so that sleight of hand slipped past me. However I do not agree with you about Blair being a traitor or Bush for that matter and I believe history will judge their actions in invading Iraq and Afghanistan were fully justified especially when they find all Saddam’s Nukes hidden in Syria . Weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq too or do you consider the poison gas actually USED by Saddam against the Kurds not to be so?

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