Aussie court gives go-ahead for Islamic school to be built in Sydney's south-west

Court gives Islamic school project  Maadrassah go-ahead

Update: The Government has claimed it was duped, believing it was selling to a group called Gardenview Apartment Pty Ltd for residential units.

Down the Abyss per Express/ ABC

The Land and Environment court has given a conditional go-ahead for an Islamic school to be built at Bass Hill, in Sydney’s south-west.

The court has said it will approve plans for the school if several amendments are made.

Bankstown council had twice rejected development applications to build the 1,200-student college next to Bass Hill high school.

But a council spokeswoman says the rejected plans were significantly different to those that the Land and Environment Court has approved in principle.

It issafe to assume that this Islamic “college” in Sidney will produce at least 600 drones per year who have no practical knowledge other than the arts of  Muhammedan warfare.

Gallopping sharia indeed!